Saturday, January 15, 2005

Chic Appeaserati Speaks

GUARDIAN: After meeting with the utterly corrupt French President in Paris, Kerry had this to say:

``I believe there needs to be a larger political reconciliation, as well as a broader involvement of other countries in decision-making in order to build a greater stability in Iraq.''

That's nothing more than the GLOBAL TEST AGAIN! Sheesh! This guy is too much: he wants to give away US authority and says so while overseas! What a jerk! The USA learned during the Kosovo war - (in which the 19 nations of NATO had a veto over Wes Clark and the US military) - that it's best if we don't take orders from other nations during war-time. That's why we did Afghanistan alone. And now: here comes Kerry - months after he's LOST the election - telling our most obstinate and unhelpful allies (Germany and France) that he favors giving them more say over our military!

HEY VIKINGPUNDIT: Can we get a recall going in Massachusetts!?!

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