Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bigger Bombs In Iraq

The counter-revolutionaries are using bigger bombs against the coaliton forces.

Stories HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

I believe this proves that the neo-baathist/jihadoterrorists realize that their days are numbered; they realize they must stop the election or they lose; they have a limited amount of explosives, but now realize there's no point in rationing the supply for a long drawn out counter-attack over the next year. In other words: it's now or never.

Therefore, I expect the tempo of attacks to increase, too. And therefore, our casualties. DO NOT WORRY. It always gets darkest before the dawn. And remember: In WW2, we took our worst casualties between D-Day and VE-Day. Most were after the Battle of the Bulge.

The tide will turn in Iraq - and in the GWOT - after the huge turnout on Iraqi election day. This will do more to defeat Jihadofascism than sending more US troops.

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