Sunday, December 19, 2004


France has bemoaned the emergence of the unipolar world since the end of the Cold War (WW3). The derisive term "HYPERPOWER" was coined by the French to describe the USA DURING THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION! Since then, the French have worked tirelessly to undermine the USA because they view the USA's emergence as the sole Super Power as a very serious threat to their security and culture - one they view AT LEAST as gravely as the threat posed by the Jihadoterrorists and Islamism/Salafism/Qutbism etc. - perhaps MORESO!

NOW, we hear that the French have launched a spy satellite WITH THE AID OF THE CHINESE!

Is this the fruit of their struggle to become a Super Power - or at least with the aid of the Chinese and banded together with the soc-called "non-aligned nations" - a sufficient "counter-weight" to the USA?

It seems so to me. It seems to me that France can only be depended on to do what is their narrow national interest - an interest that THEY INSIST on seeing as antithetical to the USA. This is not unlike how they dealt with the USA and NATO throughout ther WW3/the Cold War.

The only hope for France to change is Sarkozy: If Sarkozy wins the presidency (and Chirac is prosecuted for his voluminous crimes), and IF Sarkozy unencumbers France from their Socialist heritage -in effect becomes the French Thatcher - then France can become as an important ally to the USA in WW4 as the UK.

If Sarkozy loses - or wins, but without the mandate to effect real change - then France will probably continue to wither away, seeking refuge in the pungent and rapidly spoiling fruits of their double-dealing with the likes of China and Putin and Mugabe and Castro and Kim Jong Il.

In the meantime: the French are to be trusted about as much as we trust the Russians and the Chinese and the Iranians and the North Koreans - which is to say NOT AT ALL.

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