Friday, November 05, 2004

The Slanderous Left

Kerry and the Left slandered the US military in Vietnam: "war criminals murdering for no just cause, but only to enrich the Military -Industrial Complex." They were wrong; our military is and was honorable and the cause was just; merely look at South Korea and see what Vietnam MIGHT have been; (instead, it resembles North Korea).
The Left slandered Reagan: "a buffoon, a mere actor, a war-monger fronting for the Military-Industrial Complex.". But he reinvigorated our economy, and our patriotic spirit, and defeated the USSR and ended the Cold War.
The Left Slandered W: "an idiot chimp" fronting for Halliburton and Carlyle and the Military-Industrial Complex." But he has liberated 50 MILLION people, and reinvigoated our economy, and kept us safe from the Jihadoterrorists.
The Left slanders religiously observant Christians and Jews: "the evangelical right are peas in the pod of the Jihadoterrorists." But I don't recall any evanegelicals flying any jets into any towers.
The Left slanders advocates of the 2nd Amendment: "the NRA is a bunch of gun-nuts and vigilantes." But restrictive gun laws have had no effect on gun crime - anywhere in the world.
The Left slanders Ashcroft: "he is taking away your civil liberties" even though they cannot name a SINGLE instant of any citizen's rights being abridged by Ashcroft or the Patriot Act. And they slander him even as they applaud the McCain-Feingold Bill which put HUGE limitations on Free Speech and did NOTHING to reduce the amount of money in campaigns.
Thank God, the majority of Americans see through these slanders - or ignore them.
The fact remains: If the Left did not dominate the Old Media, then their slanderous attacks would have absolutely the effect it deserves: NONE.
As it stands now, they merely dominate the Old Media and the Democrat Party.
It's time that Democrats took their party AWAY from the Leftists, (again and for good).
And it's time for the Old Media to become the LATE Old Media!


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