Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Phraud in Philly?

"In 2000 Gore won by a greater margin in PA:
47% Bush: 2,264,309
51% Gore: 2,465,412.
In 2004, with 99% of all precincts reporting, things were closer:
49% Bush 2,746,856
51% Kerry 2,868,674.
As predicted, the Achilles heal for Republicans like Bush in PA was the Democrat juggernaut called Philadelphia county. The vote totals in Philadelphia County were just too much for W, who lost that county: 517,054 (80%)-124,710 (20%). That's a loss of a little less than 400,000 in ONE COUNTY, and a bigger Democrat candidate vote total than when Gore beat Bush in Philly by nearly 350,000! In 2000 Bush lost that county 99,234 (18%) to 441,834 (80%)."
SO... for this years result to be TRUE, we must believe that in an election that saw W's portion of the Black vote DOUBLE, and his share of women increase, and his margins in PA and NY INCREASE, that Philly went for Kerry in GREATER NUMBERS than for Gore!? I'm sorry: this is SIMPLY NOT CREDIBLE; this indicates massive voter fraud - without which Bush carries PA. REMEMBER: Philly is where they found a few machines that had votes in them BEFORE the polls opened --- MAYBE there were many more that they never found? Maybe?

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