Tuesday, November 23, 2004


And it's always Left-wing bias, too.

According to GOOGLE NEWS searches, the UN scandals (UNSCAM/oil for food; Congo sex scandal, and the HQ sex harrasment cases) get a total of 649 hits. Abu Ghraib alone gets 6950 hits.

What makes this whole thing worse is the fact that the three UN scandals ARE WORSE than Abu Ghraib.

Abu Ghraib was a an isolated series of events done by two dozen rogues taking place over a month or two during the most dangerous time in occupied Iraq - and the crimes committed by these rogues were already under investigation by the Pentagon at the time the scandal was made public by the perpetrators' defense lawyers who were trying to discredit the Pentagon and exploited the Old Media who were predisposed to help them because the were always trying to hurt Bush.

The UN's scandals are bigger: (1) the Congo sex scandal was pervasive; HUNDREDS of UN workers systematically sexually abused people seeking refugee status and aid; it was "sex-for-aid." - and what makes it worse is that similar scandals were reported in Guinea and Sierra Leone a few years ago! (2) the UN oil-for-food scandal is ten times the size of ENRON - totally $22 BILLION, essentially stolen from the long-suffering people of Iraq. (3) the UN HQ sexual harrassment scandals not only show widespread sexual abuse of UN employees by UN big-shots; it shows that the UN big-shots - including Kofi - cover up for and defend their abusive buddies.

The Left and the Old Media have an obvious double standard. If Lefties do bad things they never get the same treatment from the Old Media as when others do similarly bad things - even when the Leftioes do even worse things, as thse instances of media bias prove.

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