Sunday, October 17, 2004

ELECTION FORECAST: a Bush victory followed by a DNC LEGAL STORM, and... riots?

After our GOTV for BUSH efforts on 11/2, the article below points us toward what will be the next BATTLE: the DNC efforts to use LAWYERS to overthrow the results.

They are positioned already on TWO FRONTS: (1) with their own massive voter registration fraud efforts and (2) with lawyers poised to preemptively charge the GOP intimidation - in OH, PA, FL - and probably CO.

In addition to false registrations, and a plan for lawyers to preemptively attack the GOP and all the pro-Bush results in these states, I predict they'll mobilize demonstrations which will rapidly devolve into riots - with the MSM's pre-positioned lights & cameras rolling to show the rioters in a flattering light - just as they do with the terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank.

According to the AP, they're already stirring things up in Missouri. (Hat tip Matt at BLOGS FOR BUSH)

They will do this in an attempt to steal the election, or - at the very least de-legitimize Bush's victory.

Let's not let the DNC and the MSM STEAL the election: vote; be vigilant; and be prepared to weather a massive legal storm.


October 17, 2004 -- As many as 1,000 New York-based lawyers will be dispatched to Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio on behalf of the John Kerry campaign in an attempt to combat voter fraud in the hotly contested battleground states, The Post has learned. Four years after Democrats leveled charges of voter intimidation against Republicans in Florida, lawyers from states where the outcomes aren't in doubt have volunteered to poll-watch in states still too close to call.

"We're going to be there to make sure that every eligible voter gets to vote and every vote cast gets counted," said Henry Berger, New York state counsel for the Kerry campaign.

For months, New York lawyers — almost none of whom are election-law specialists — have been briefed on election laws by local experts. On October 30, three days before the election, they will be sent to their assigned states to receive crash courses on those states' specific election laws and practices. Of the 1,000 New Yorkers volunteering their time for Kerry, more than 600 will go to Florida, with the other 400 spread out across Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to Jerry Goldfeder, a prominent election lawyer who has held briefings across New York state.

Similar tactics — which were conceived in New York during the summer — will be employed across the country. For example, Massachusetts attorneys will go to Maine and New Hampshire; California lawyers will travel to Nevada and New Mexico; and counselors from Washington, D.C. will cross borders to Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.
Altogether, more than 10,000 lawyers will fan out to at least 15 competitive states on Nov. 2, according to Berger. Unlike the Democrats, the GOP is relying upon state parties to recruit local attorneys already trained in state election law to monitor their home states.

"These guys are the experts on what's going on, on the ground," said RNC spokesperson Christine Iverson.

Months ago, Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie sent a letter to Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe proposing that Democrats and Republicans each submit a list of 1,000 precincts that they'd like monitored. But Gillespie's plan — in which a lawyer selected by each party would be accompanied by an independent journalist to each of the precincts — is unlikely to be agreed upon, Democratic sources say.

Already, a number of voting-related problems — including alleged fraud — have popped up around the country. Last week, a local Colorado TV station reported that a woman had allegedly registered 35 times as a Democrat. In Ohio, a dispute is ongoing as to whether voters who show up at the wrong polling site should be allowed to vote.

And two leading Democratic senators have requested a Justice Department investigation into accusations that a company under contract by the RNC destroyed hundreds of voting-registration forms filled out by Democrats.

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