Friday, April 17, 2015


The supreme court's upheld some of a law that can help deal with anti-Israeli boycotts:
Five fingers.

With a simple wave of a hand, the High Court of Justice on Wednesday propped up a law with one of the most powerful weapons yet produced to fight boycotts against Israel (at least from within the country) while also narrowly rejecting exempting boycotters who target only the West Bank or “post-1967 Israel” from the law.

The implications of the ruling for the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign and counter-campaign globally could be massive.

What’s it all about? The law at stake empowered the finance minister to fine or remove tax breaks from Israeli NGOs that called for boycotts of parts of Israel, as well as empowering individuals to sue those NGOs for civil damages they claimed were caused by such boycotts.

The court did strike a provision that would have allowed punitive damages against those NGOs, somewhat reducing the biggest threat they faced for calling for boycotts, but leaving the overall threat in place.

The five fingers and the hand signify the five justices who voted 5-4 to view boycotts targeted only at the West Bank settlements as no different under the law than boycotts of all of Israel or “post-1948 Israel.”
All traitors who operate to delegitmize Israel would do us all a service by leaving the country, since they clearly don't want to live here. This is a very good law to send a message that if anti-Israelists keep up their badness, they should pay for it out of their own pocket and not abuse our tax shekels.

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