Thursday, March 05, 2015


We must now turn our focus to a fifth column keeping up their hostility to Israel. The Satmar gathered outside an Israeli consulate in NYC this week to protest Netanyahu's speech at Congress:
Thousands of members of the Satmar Hasidic sect gathered outside the Israeli consulate in midtown on Tuesday evening to protest a speech by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu they say will lead to war with Iran.
This is eerily reminiscent of the mindset by ignoramuses during WW2. They vehemently refuse to recognize that it's Iran starting the war, and if the west has to fight against them, it's inevitable, because sooner or later, Iran's technology can and will produce long ranging missiles that can threaten the globe.
Stretching along Second Avenue from 44th down to 42nd Street, throngs of men from the insular Jewish community held signs declaring that Netanyahu, who had delivered remarks before a joint session of Congress earlier in the day, did not speak for their community when he challenged President Barack Obama's proposed nuclear deal with Iran.
And the Satmar do not speak for us when they oppose taking action to stop tyrants from prevailing. These same freaks no doubt see nothing wrong with slavery in north Africa either.
Aside from differences on Iran rhetoric, the Satmar community is also theologically opposed to the Israeli state, which they believe can only be brought about after the messiah's arrival, Kellner explained. That makes the idea that Netanyahu would claim to speak for the Jewish people especially offensive.

"The Satmar community is anti-Zionist," Kellner told the Voice as young men crowded shoulder to shoulder, pushing in to hear the rabbi's words. "We believe in the coming of the messiah, but we believe we can only pray for the messiah to come."
Pray, but not do anything, that's the way of these pseudo-religious anti-war nuts. They throughly misinterpret everything about the Torah/Bible, and embrace socialism, rejecting the statements that God only helps those who help themselves.
In their view, Kellner said, until a scripturally legitimate Israel comes to be, the faithful are commanded to respect the secular authorities of the countries in which they live, and that duty precludes support for a Jewish state. "We have to behave with respect to all the nations, because now is the time of the nations. We can't just grab territory and say it's ours," Kellner said. "In our belief we have to wait, in exile, with patience, for God to send the messiah."
When God does send the messiah, it won't be to help those baboons, because they're lazying around on welfare, not helping to build better worlds.
Joel Cohen, 35, another of the demonstrators, said that he felt Netanyahu's recent comments had endangered his community, and all Jewish communities worldwide. In the wake of a series of anti-Semitic attacks in France and Denmark, Netanyahu, in a speech in February, urged "mass immigration" of Europe's Jewish population to Israel, saying Europe had become unsafe for the Jewish people. Cohen said he felt that kind of rhetoric could make life more difficult for Jewish communities outside of Israel.

"He makes them [Jewish communities] uncomfortable in their country, and it makes other people uncomfortable with the Jews, like 'you're only here temporarily, you're going to be leaving, it's not your country, and you're not loyal to the country, you're loyal to Israel,' " Cohen says. "And we feel just the opposite. We're loyal to the country we live in, and we have to, by [religious] law, be loyal to the country we live in."
Another most offensive ignoramus has spoken. The jihadists in Europe are the ones making everything uncomfortable for Jews and native races, far worse than the politicians who've turned their backs on them. But no surprise a man who surely reads news censored by the Satmar dictation boards would spout such naive nonsense. And this is the same community that blatantly exploits the taxpayers of Monroe, and recently held a meeting about their plans to expand Kiryas Joel in the middle of snowy weather when few could make it. Whoever they're "loyal" to, it sure isn't the taxpayers they've caused frustration for. They may not realize it, but their contemptuous acts could encourage anti-semitism, and one day, it may turn out that's just what their leadership wants.

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