Saturday, December 13, 2014


We shouldn't make the perfect the enemy of the good.

Let's halt our nation's lurch to the left before steering it back on course by going right.

The GOP doesn't yet control the Senate,  and when it does next year it still won't have the ability to override an Obama veto.

That's why we also need to accept the fact the GOP needs to temper its goals between now and 2017, and the inauguration of a GOP President. And do things that make taking the White House more likely.

Many on the right want to have the knockdown drag-out battles now. They cite as proof that this is not pointless the fact that the GOP did great after the shutdown despite the fact that so many predicted it would hurt the GOP. And many of these same people have threatened to sit it out in 2016 or vote 3rd party if a moderate Republican is nominated.

Some even say they'd even rather see Hillary or Warren get elected than a rino - as if 12-16 straight years of Leftist rule would be a better recruiter for the right-wing than Obama's eight.

Actually, their logic here is quite faulty. If, as they believe,  the GOP/rino leadership - aka "the establishment" - is bi-partisan and means that the next year of Obama's rule will be just like the previous 7, won't that also bolster the right wing's chances in 2016? People will see what works and what doesn't and who is on their side and who is not. We don't need to help the left dig us deeper into the hole, into a bottomless pit. Sitting it out does just that. Romney-haters helped elect Obama, and only idiots argue Romney would have been no better.

At worst the current GOP leadership is at least slowing the pace of that descent - and that's better than leaping headlong into the abyss.

So,  let's give the leadership of the GOP a chance. They don't hold all the cards.  They need to carefully pick their fights.

I'm going to give them until the CR- (SHOULD IT EVER PASS!) -runs out in April.

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