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Here's a report in Haaretz that says some of the people involved in the death of Mohammed Abu Khder came from the outskirts of Haredi society. Assuming there's any meat to it, it should raise some alarm bells:
The names of the six suspects in the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir are still under a gag order, and as some of them are minors, it’s not clear when or if their names will ever be released. What can be said is that these youths are on the margins of the ultra-Orthodox community.

In other words, they belong to the most overlooked and least understood part of Israeli society: young men and women who don’t fit into the rigid structure of their Haredi homes but have not crossed into another community and perhaps never will. They may be the most easily disowned group — not only in Israel, but in the entire Jewish world.

Tragically, they are also the most susceptible to influence from Kahanist and other racist groups that trawl the streets of Jerusalem for such disaffected youths, offering them acceptance into a cult that fuses nationalism, Judaism, violence and lawlessness.
I'm going to have to object here - what that gang practiced was not Judaism or even nationalism, as the author must surely want it to be. It was nothing more than one-dimensional hatred on their part, and I think they must've done it on purpose to undermine Israel. The Jerusalem Post has more:
Although the identities of the six suspects arrested in connection with the murder of Muhammed Abu Khdeir have not been released for publication, it is now clear that they come from a marginal Sephardi haredi background and that they are part of a societal grouping referred to colloquially as “delinquent youth.”

According to information gleaned by The Jerusalem Post, the suspects are from haredi neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and the settlement of Adam some 20km northwest of Jerusalem.

The background of the suspects comes as something of a surprise since it appears that the murderers do not come from among extremist settler groups which were initially suspected in the case.
Why do I get the vibe they want there to be "extremist settlers"? This is one of the most offensive things about MSM - there's certain things they want to be fact, as the 9-11 trutherists have been doing for more than a decade now.
According to sources, the young men suspected of the murder belong to a family affiliated with the Sephardic Shas party. At least one of them was described as a delinquent youth who lived on the fringes of the haredi community.

Asked about the young man, one resident said that “everybody knows that he’s crazy. The guy is just nuts. The whole family is nuts.” The grandfather of one of the suspects told Yediot Aharonot that his grandchild was disturbed and that he “could destroy worlds if he did not take his pills.” It is unclear if he was referring to the suspect from Beit Shemesh.

One local shopkeeper complained of the high number of delinquent youth in Beit Shemesh, stating that many are denied outlets to channel their energy and end up acting out on the streets.
The Haaretz report says that in Bnei Brak, you can see a lot of bored kids around who aren't helped by the way their leadership runs things. If these kids would have the approval to run proper interaction between sexes, they might have improved lives, for example. But thanks to the Haredi leadership's efforts to ruin that, this is why many can't run them genuinely.
The biggest selling haredi daily Yated Ne’eman published on its front page a statement by the head of the non-hassidic Ashkenazi haredi community Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman who vigorously condemned the murder.

“Whoever did such deeds threatens the life of the Jewish people,” Yated Ne’eman quoted the rabbi as saying.

“This is a terribly severe deed which is forbidden and is not the way of the Torah,” said Shteinman.

“The path of violence and revenge are not our ways and anyone who does such things threatens the lives of the Jewish people.”

The comments about threatening the lives of the Jewish people refer to a concept in Jewish law known as ‘rodef’ in which the actions of one Jew can lead to attacks on the broader Jewish community.

Such a person is considered to pose a mortal danger to the lives of others and, according to Jewish law, may be killed before he himself causes harm.

Rabbi Shalom Cohen, the spiritual leader of the haredi Shas movement, also condemned the murder in severe terms and referred to the murderers in the context of the rodef concept.

“A person whose hands are stained with the blood of innocents is liable to the law of rodef ,” Ynet quoted Shalom as saying on Monday.
Well does this mean he's sorry for that offensive comparison of non-Haredis who wear knitted kippas to Amalekites? I hope his condemnation isn't because he believes relations with Arab/Islamic sources are far more important than with other Jewish sources.

Until now, you usually didn't hear of Haredis being accused of murder. This may have to serve as a grim wakeup call, that youth in their community could be vulnerable to exploitation by lunatics, and I'm outraged that they would do something as barbaric as Islamofascists themselves to somebody with no known involvement in the murder of the yeshiva students, not to mention how they helped cause a lot of trouble on their part that could've been avoided. The culprits should be tried as adults and sent away for a long, long time.

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