Friday, July 25, 2014


Almost forgot, but in the past few weeks, Neturei Karta have been at their anti-Israel activities again, with this demonstration in London one of their sickest faustian pacts of late. They also attended a demonstration in Canada, and a local rabbi wrote in the Hamilton Spectator why nobody should think they're real representatives of the Jewish community:
So-called "rabbis" affiliated with a radical fringe group called Neturei Karta, dressed in traditional Jewish garb, rallied together with hundreds of anti-Israel protesters in downtown Hamilton this past Saturday.

The group, founded in 1938 and funded in part by various Islamic entities, is dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state. Its members are part of a cadre of professional anti-Zionist protesters that travel worldwide to various anti-Israel rallies — Hamilton being one of its more recent stops. While the number of adherents is sometimes estimated to be in the thousands, in reality it may total no more than several hundred.

The sect, whose outward appearance is similar to many Hassidic groups, has no current or historic ties to any Hassidic group whatever. While professing to represent "authentic Judaism," these radicals have been unequivocally disenfranchised and shunned by the most religious and pious Jewish communities throughout Europe and the world.

While certain Hassidic groups maintain the belief that the establishment of a Jewish state should await the coming of the messiah, they do not support or advocate on behalf of terrorist entities determined to eradicate the Jewish state. This is precisely the policy of Neturei Karta.
I wouldn't be too sure most other Haredi movements don't support Islamofascism. After all, the Satmar's reps in Kiryas Joel met with delegates from the UAE a year ago, and some of their past members might have formed the Kartas in their modern incarnation. They also blamed the victims in the case of yeshiva students who were murdered by Hamas.

They may only number several hundred, but even that's more than dangerous enough. Let's recall the member who wanted to spy for Iran, another who vandalized a section of Yad Vashem's property, and a neighborhood in Mea Shearim where their followers may have a stronghold. Even if they don't number big, they can still cause a lot of danger, and again, that's why they were added to the ADL's list of worst anti-Israel movements.

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