Saturday, May 10, 2014


It looks like Lev Tahor is clearing out of Canada, and moving along with a few other cultists to Guatemala, where they may be more welcome. The brother of a woman belonging to the cult traveled there to find her, but so far, he hasn't convinced her to leave:
The children’s uncle recently travelled from Israel to see the family in the village of San Juan de Laguna, a two-hour-trip east of Guatemala City. He said he counted about 30 adults living in a two- or three-room shack.

The man — referred to as K, because a youth court has ordered the identities of the children to be protected — spent a month in Guatemala from March 27 to April 30 tracking down the whereabouts of his sister.

He made several visits to the shack before he was finally permitted to speak with her.

“Armed with a metal bar for protection, I told her that if she did not come out, I would break in. So she finally agreed to come outside and talk with me,” the man said through a Hebrew interpreter Friday.

Speaking from Israel, K said he was distraught by his sister’s psychological state.

“It seemed like she had no emotions,” he said. “I hadn’t seen her in more than three years, but to her the visit seemed normal, like nothing special.”

He said he also saw his nephew who appeared dirty, hungry and covered in bug bites.

Speaking to some members of the local Jewish community in the village, K found out that the children were sleeping on the dirt floor of the shack, and that there is no plumbing; they receive barrels of fresh water once a week.

K said he saw community leaders Yoil Weingarten, Mayer Rosner and Uriel Goldman there, and believes they also now live in the Central American country.

[...] K’s sister had been contacting the family regularly when she was living in Canada, but her cellphone was taken away by the sect’s leadership when she left the country, he said.

She was given a phone about a week ago, and used it to call her parents in Israel to ask for money.

K said he wanted to remove his sister and her children from the sect, but she refused to go with him, saying the situation “wasn’t simple.”
It's terrible this poor woman is so indoctrinated with such Muslim-style mishmash, she refuses her brother's help to go live in better conditions, and forces her own children to live in such misery too. And who knows if the local authorities will avail? For all we know, they'll probably let this futile charade continue, unless more international sources can be convinced to help out.

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