Friday, April 25, 2014


I read this piece on The Forward about a rabbi who's got a problem with Zumba classes, to the point he risks crediting jihadists:
Wallerstein is certainly not an anomaly. There is another, particularly intriguing, rabbi — let’s call him the Ladies Rabbi — Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi. This popular Sephardi rabbi travels from town to town, lecturing about anything that strikes his fancy (mostly women) and debating Christian ministers. His website is called Divine Information, clearly a sign that his is the word of God, and he purports to merge and make sense of the Torah and science and many other things besides.

In one of his most popular and fascinating speeches, Rabbi Mizrachi — in one fell swoop — manages to spew anti-Muslim invective while praising devout Muslim men who “don’t let” their wives dress as provocatively as Jewish men let their wives.

“Even the Muslim murderers,” he cries (around 27 minutes in), “who blow themselves up with suicide vests and kill babies don’t allow their women to go out dressed the way our women do. If she shows one inch of her body (pointing at his wrists) they’ll kill her in the village. We should cry from embarrassment, cry from embarrassment! If Muhammad and Mustafa the murderers from Hezbollah don’t let their wives dress like this — what they’re better than us?”

Much like the Satmar rabbi who studied Causative Holistic Medicine at the Institute of Blame Women the Ladies Rabbi, Yosef Mizrachi, believes that tumors and cancerous cells are direct results of sin.

“Today, the number one cancer by women is breast cancer,” he explains (at around 49). “Second cancer for women, womb cancer. Third, brain cancer. The three parts that women make sins with men — the breast, the womb and the head — cancer goes over there.”
So cancer is the result of would-be sins, not lack of proper health care like vitamin D and exercise? But more offensive is his trivialization of the misogynist, murderous MO conducted by Islamofascists. This enforces my wonderings even more, that a lot of the modern obsession kooky rabbis have with "modesty" to the point where women are considered the root cause of all evil in this world, stems from Muslim influence, which is naturally horrific. Why should anyone consider the customs of murderous creatures worth taking a cue from? His disastrous arguments bring to mind this rabbi from Efrat, who said Islam is a "moral" religion. Ugh.

I don't know if the Forward writer Frimet Goldberger is implying she has a negative opinion of any anti-Islam stance Mizrachi supposedly has, but if he's going to suggest murderers are more moral than us, then he's thrown away any point he was allegedly making about the Religion of Peace. The rabbi she speaks of is nothing more than a pure embarrassment with a forked tongue. Such backwards bozos do a terrible disservice to Judaism.

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