Monday, February 03, 2014


There had been reports in past weeks/months that "settlers" were committing "price tag" vandalism against Arab properties. But now, there appears to be evidence a lot of it was staged by Arabs/Muslims instead:
For years, Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria have been accusing Arab and leftist activists of falsely blaming them for "price tag" revenge attacks that they never carried out. Now, one determined resident of Samaria appears to have found a "smoking gun", documenting how local Arabs have been damaging olive trees and then reporting the incidents to authorities and the media as "price tag" attacks carried out by local Jews.

"Price tagging" is a phenomenon associated with fringe elements of the Israeli Right, in which assailants vandalize Arab-owned property in revenge for terrorist attacks or military demolitions of Jewish homes (which are often instigated by Arab claims). On occasion, "price taggers" have targeted army property as well, in response to demolitions and other orders carried out against Jewish communities and property by Israeli authorities.

However, on a number of occasions suspected "price tag" incidents have been proven false or staged by Arab and left-wing activists, who purposely damage Arab-owned property in an attempt to blame nearby Jewish communities.

Jewish community leaders in Judea and Samaria have regularly expressed concern that "price tag" accusations are being used by left-wing and Arab extremists as part of a campaign of anti-Jewish incitement.

Those fears appear to be well-founded. Recently, a group of Jews were kidnapped and severely beaten by Arab villagers from the village of Kusra, in Samaria. The attackers justified their actions by claiming the Jewish group had been on their way to carry out a price tag attack, and were feted by left-wing activists and media personalities; the victims, meanwhile, claimed they were in fact hiking near the village when they were ambushed.

Despite the media circus having resulted in the arrest of some of the Jewish victims of the assault, no evidence of any wrongdoing on their part has been uncovered. On the contrary, the victims were unarmed at the time, and had nothing in their possession to indicate they were involved or planning any foul play.

On occasion, Jewish residents have been able to provide photographic and videotaped proof of staged provocations by Arab and leftist extremists - but this may be the most convincing evidence to date of the truth of this claim.
There's more at the link. Now I won't say it's impossible for Jews to allegedly carry out these acts of vandalism, but here, it's clearer than ever that much like a lot of other cases like these, it was leftists contriving blame of their rightist rivals. Some of these acts were even committed against Christian churches, which, if it had been Jews doing it, would be strange since Christians weren't considered part of the problem like Muslims are. It's just like Muslims to commit acts of vandalism against Christian property, and come to think of it, their left-wing cronies too.

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just like all the racist attacks here in the usa perpetrated by leftists trying to get us righties blamed.