Thursday, January 30, 2014


It's about time, and I hope this'll finally lead to putting the members in psychiatric care they need. CTV reports:
A criminal investigation into the ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect, Lev Tahor, is now underway in Chatham-Kent after search warrants were issued by Quebec authorities.

According to an officer from Sûreté Du Québec, search warrants were issued Wednesday night with assistance from Chatham-Kent police and OPP.

What was taken in the search and the context of what authorities were looking for is unknown. Both Chatham and Quebec authorities refuse to comment on the investigation as it’s an ongoing matter.
The Toronto Star says the leaders are sobbing victimology again:
Officers arrived around 5:30 p.m. with a search warrant for two of the homes, said Mayer Rosner, a spokesperson for the sect. Fourteen children in the Lev Tahor community have been the subject of a long child protection proceeding that originated in Quebec and moved to Ontario courts when more than 150 community members fled Quebec.

Rosner said the officers, who included both Quebec and Chatham-Kent police, did not disclose why they were executing the search warrant.

“It is simply discrimination and we are screaming to the world, ‘SOS’ ” said Rosner. He said late Wednesday that the officers removed baseboards in the home. He said that officers told him an Ontario court approved the search order.

“They sent women and children into the cold,” Rosner told the Star over the phone. The search lasted for several hours, he said.
No, they're screaming victimhood based on their anti-Israel standings. I wonder if that was why the authorities who allowed them to take up residency in Canada: because those in charge had hostile sentiments to Israel? Does this mean anti-Israelism and child abuse go hand in glove?

About a week ago, the Canadian Jewish News quoted them saying they want to go backwards:
The men wear long black coats and wide-brimmed hats, similar to those of other ultra-Orthodox groups. The women’s clothing was designed by Lev Tahor members after they researched traditional European Jewish clothing, Weingarten said. Bringing up some images on his laptop, he showed groups of European Jews wearing similar long-flowing robes, perhaps from the 19th century.

For Lev Tahor, those were the good old days. “We’re more old-fashioned,” Goldman acknowledged. “We go to the sources. We don’t believe in any compromise. We think it’s authentic Judaism. We want to go backwards. We understand that our great-great-grandparents were smarter than us.

“We can see in the old literature that the people were very, very clever. They saw that to serve HaShem, there’s no need to make a compromise.”
I'm not sure what compromises they mean. All I know is that they have a very dark, disturbed, Orwellian view of what Judaism is all about, and think the Haredi customs that began in the 18th century are authentic, but not the customs of ancient times.
It was that refusal to compromise that drove Lev Tahor to Ontario, they explained. At the heart of the issue was their desire to educate their children as they saw fit, without being forced to include subjects anathema to them – evolution and homosexuality.
I honestly don't understand why cultists like these have a problem with homosexuality, since it's fairly prevalent in some of the most twisted Haredi societies like Satmar, if we're discussing the child abuse issues that have been uncovered in recent times. As for evolution, I find that bizarre they don't believe in it, because I did research over past years giving excellent clues that fit evolution in very well with a biblical viewpoint.

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