Monday, November 11, 2013


Khaled Abu Toameh wrote about the latest attempt to have the PLO tyrant Yaser Arafat's death declared the result of poisoning:
The nine-year-old Palestinian allegation -- that Israel had poisoned Arafat -- was this time based on the findings of Swiss scientists who conducted tests on his remains and soil taken from his grave.

But a thorough reading of the Swiss scientists' report shows that their findings are inconclusive. Still, the Palestinian Authority [PA] is not willing to let the facts stand in its way.

The scientists wrote that "taking into account the analytical limitations, mostly time lapse since the death and the nature and quality of the specimens, the results moderately support the proposition that the death was the consequence of poisoning with polonium-201."

However, Russian scientists who also examined Arafat's remains have said that there was insufficient evidence to support the the claim that Arafat may have died in 2004 by polonium poisoning.

The Swiss and Russian scientists did not conduct a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding Arafat's death. All that they did last November was take samples from Arafat's body in a bid to determine the cause of death.

But for the PA leadership, the inconclusive findings of the Swiss scientists was sufficient enough to once again hold Israel responsible for the "assassination of martyr Yasser Arafat."
Of course they won't accept even an inconclusive report. It does not fit their micro-view. Nevertheless, I will make clear in my own words that, if Arafat had been poisoned, he would've deserved whatever he got for all the murders he conducted as PLO dictator, and his victims included 2 American diplomats. He deserved to be punished, and it's actually a shame it didn't happen that way. Still, he'll be in hell at this point, so he'll be getting punishment in any case.

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