Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The only real revolution was the American Revolution because it replaced a tyranny with a republic that guaranteed individual liberty and a limited government.

All other revolutions merely replaced one ruling class with another.

Marx was honest when he called it what it was when he called it "the dictatorship of he proletariat."

So, people who support socialism - which reduces individual liberty and weakens limited government - are nor revolutionary; they are reactionaries.

Because their policies depend on a big government with nearly unlimited power to tax and spend and run up debt, supporters of Keynesian policies are also really reactionaries.

(Besides: Keynesian policies have never worked; they did not end the depression; they prolonged it.)

The traditional political spectrum which portrays the extreme left as communist and the extreme right as fascist is a deliberate but of propaganda of the left - one promulgated when Stalin and Hitler broke their pact and Stalin became our ally in WW2. The leftists in the West needed a way to distance themselves from Hitler and Mussolini.

There is ample proof that it is a lie. First, Mussolini and Hitler called themselves socialists and their policies put the state - in league with corporations and unions - above the individual. Secomd, the traditional political spectrum is illogical: if the extreme left is communists and the extreme right is fascist, then where do you put anarchists? There is no logical place for them. An intellectually honest political spectrum puts the communists and fascists and nazis all on the extreme left and anarchists in the extreme right.

Keynesian liberals are statists with more  in common with the REACTIONARIES OF THE LEFT - Stalin and Hitler and Mussolini -  than they have in common with the REAL REVOLUTIONARIES who fought against tyranny and for liberty and limited government - Washington, Jefferson, JFK or Reagan.

And like Stalin and Hitler and Mussolini, their polices fail to deliver the goods and are destined for the cesspool of history. They always fail because prosperity is a by-product of liberty - ans when you restrict liberty you diminish prosperity. And you cannot create prosperity by printing money.

That's why OBAMANOMICS and OBAMACARE will fail.

Rightly so. And for the good of all.

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