Friday, March 01, 2013


From "Can Obama Be Stopped?" by Daniel Greenfield:
The big mistake of the last election was assuming that public dissatisfaction with Obama would be enough to remove him....


Obama’s worldview did not win. Not in 2008 or 2012. His tactics did....


Obama has a very simple playbook. 1. Create anxiety about an issue. 2. Demand action on it. 3. Hammer the Republicans for their inaction. Every morning the news stories are largely a reflection of one of the three phases of that strategy.

In this game, Republicans can either take the initiative or defend their lack of action on the Obama agenda. What we are seeing lately is a Republican Party that is constantly on the defensive, trying to explain why they haven’t yet done what Obama wants them to do and how they would have done it already if he didn’t keep on interrupting them....
Americans SHOULD be able to see that playbook for what it is. But they don't! And the GOP isn't even making a dent in Obama's playbook.  Even people who should know better are whining and running scared as sequestration looms.

From Obama's perspective, the recent sequestration "crisis" is all about destroying the GOP majority in 2014.  If he is successful, we'll see a replay of 2008-2010.  On a bigger scale.

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