Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Turkey's Erdogan, while on a visit to Denmark, backtracked on his recent anti-Zionist remarks. While some refer to his latest position as zigzagging - I see it as nothing more or less than taqiyya - the permitted practice of lying...especially if the audience is comprised of non-believers.  And while Erdogan softened his rhetoric towards Israel he also reiterated his support for the Palestinians.  The rights of the Kurds come to mind whenever I hear the leader of Turkey espousing views of the inherent rights of the Palestinians.   Given the disastrous situation in Iraq,  in Syria, in Iran, and in Turkey  I can only think that the time is long overdue to support the national aspirations of the Kurdish people.  Yes, all of these aforementioned countries will have to lose territory to create Kurdistan.  But don't all of these countries call for Israel to trade land for peace?  (If they are not calling for the absolute destruction of Israel...)  The emergence of an independant Kurdistan would diminish internal ethnic conflicts in all of these nations and bring balance to the region.  It would be a far better plan for the State Department to pursue than the Arab Spring.  And I think it is time to consider the creation of Kurdistan a precondition for Turkey to enter the European Union.

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Reliapundit said...

when assad falls the kurds in syria can declare a new kurdish republic.

and then the pkk can join and cliam their lands that are now part of turkey.

and then the iraqi kurds can join.

kurds deserve a nation.

an attack o iran could speed this along.