Thursday, February 28, 2013


Four Muslim sickos have been charged with assault on a convert:
The Sydney case is believed to be the first in an Australian court relating to such punishment being meted out under the pretext of sharia, or Islamic law.

Christian Martinez, 32, was whipped with an electric cord at his home in Silverwater in Sydney's west between July 16 and 17 in 2011.

His religious mentor, Wasim Fayed, was accused of carrying out the whipping as punishment under sharia, while the other three men held Mr Martinez down on his bed.

Fayed, 44, along with Zakaryah Raad, 21, Tolga Cifki, 21, and Gengiz Coskin, 22, pleaded not guilty to charges of assault occasioning bodily harm in company and stealing.

Raad also faced two charges of intimidation. [...]

In July 2011, Mr Martinez had asked Fayed for help in getting off illicit drugs he was taking.

Fayed had replied, ''I'm going to tie you up, OK, and that's what you need, brother."

Fayed and the other offenders went round to Mr Martinez's home and Fayed lashed him on the back 40 times as the others held him down.

Mr Martinez pleaded with Fayed for him to stop but Fayed replied he was doing it because he loved him and next time he thought about drinking he would remember the pain.

Part way through the lashing Mr Martinez said he wanted to vomit and he was allowed to go to the toilet and throw up before he was held and whipped again.

The offenders then left the premises and Mr Martinez discovered a hard drive used to store CCTV footage in his home had been taken, for which the four men were charged with stealing.

In his judgment, Magistrate Maloney referred to a statement from the imam of the Omar mosque in Auburn, Sheik Omar El Banna, who said the whipping was not sanctioned by the community or any imams or religious leaders.
Oh, here's where the taqqiya comes in. It IS sanctioned, under sharia. And Fayed did not "love" him at all. A pure taqqiya statement is what he made. He and his cronies should all be thrown in the slammer for their crime. We must also hope the convert learns a lesson and leaves both the so-called religion and mentor behind.

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