Monday, December 10, 2012


The jury in the case of the unlicensed therapist Nechemya Weberman of the Satmar sect has delivered their verdict and found him guilty of 59 counts in the alarming case where he's accused of molesting a 12 year old girl:
A Brooklyn jury found Nechemya Weberman - a prominent figure in the Satmar Hasidic community - guilty Monday of sexually abusing a rebellious young girl he was paid to counsel.

The verdict came after an explosive two-week trial, where customs of the strict Williamsburg-based sect were aired in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

He is facing a maximum of 25 years on prison of the top count alone, prolonged sexual conduct against a child.

[...] The sordid, soap opera-like revelations in court rocked the insular Satmar Sect, which derives its practices from a strict interpretation of Judaism. The trial was also a major challenge to Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, who came under criticism for his handling of sex abuse cases in the Orthodox Jewish community.
Justice has been served, and along the way, I think this whole case has helped raise eyebrows about the lowly ways of the Satmar sect, right down to their terrible "modesty squad". They do have an anti-Israel/Zionist leaning, but that's apparently just the tip of the iceberg. Weberman's operations without a license and training - to say nothing of exploiting his own charity funds for personal gain - are another reason why he should be sent a clear message by the law that he cannot expect leniency for his contempt.

While it's good to see that justice has been found for someone victimized by the Satmar community, there's no telling if justice will ever be achieved along the same lines when it comes to similar crimes committed by Islamic communities. For now, it's a relief that the girl who was assaulted by Weberman has won her case against him. But, will this ever get the Satmar to change their wicked ways? Alas, there's no telling if it will.

Update: more on the case at the NY Post.

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