Thursday, August 30, 2012

‘Zero Tolerance’ Policies Exist To Protect Bureaucrats, And Ridicule Is The Best Weapon Against Them

The other day we were treated to the delightful little national Fairy Tale (unfortunately, all too real) about the little deaf boy, Hunter, whose school claimed his name, when signed, looked too much like a firearm;

... thus he was asked to change his name, abandon his identity, or be banished forever into the dark woods where the politically incorrect are punished.

Well, the school has said, "Uh, never mind,", after thousands of angry emails and phone calls, and nationwide ridicule of their "policy".

Rhymes With Cars and Girls comments:
... 'zero tolerance' policies, far from existing to protect the kids or whatever their supporting propaganda says, exist only to protect those people - namely the bureaucrats who apply them. People in mid-level, white-collar, low-productivity bureaucratic jobs need such things as 'zero tolerance' and other mindlessly reality-immune policies so that their cushy existence can be hermetically-sealed from all possible criticisms and setbacks. Sweeping and uniform, such a policy requires no judgment whatsoever which means that no one can be held responsible for their failure or any damage they may cause.
Go read the whole thing. 

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