Sunday, May 20, 2012


Today is Jerusalem Day, and here's some news for the occasion:
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel will continue to build and develop the capital city of Jerusalem.

Speaking a Jerusalem Day ceremony at Ammunition Hill, Netanyahu said that "Israel without Jerusalem is like a body without a heart."

"The people who say that we should split Jerusalem believe that this would bring peace," he said. "They believe it, but they are wrong... Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish people and it will not be divided."

"Only under Israel is there quiet. Only under Israel will the peace between the nations be kept," Netanyahu said.

Meanwhile, the annual Jerusalem Day Dance of the Flags march to the Old City encountered a group of Palestinians and left-wing activists demonstrating against the Israeli holiday on Sunday, raising tensions during an event that has seen clashes in the past.

Several police officers mounted on horses road through the crowd of at least 100 Palestinian protesters as hundreds if Jewish men poured down the hill towards the Damascus Gate, a portal to the Old City at the Muslim Quarter. Some of the men chanted "the nation of Israel lives," and "revenge against Palestine."

Hundreds of police officers stood nearby, expecting an escalation in tensions as the two sides met.

A small group of left-wing activists stood near the Palestinian activists, holding signs which read "Jerusalem Day, not my holiday."
A shame that those leftards just have to try and spoil everything, and good if the marchers didn't allow that. This is supposed to be a day for joy, and they have to act so nasty? Thank goodness it hasn't been that way so far.

Here's some videos and photos from the day's event.

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