Thursday, December 29, 2011

Obama Isn't Schmoozing The Republicans Or The Democrats

It's an election year, and our President is not trying to make friends, even in his own Party.

From the New York Times:
Mr. Obama ... did not schmooze with Washington politicians. No one from the New Hampshire Congressional delegation traveled with Mr. Obama on the plane, a perk that presidents often offer to lawmakers to foster good will.

Mr. Obama, in general, does not go out of his way to play the glad-handing, ego-stroking presidential role. While he does sometimes offer a ride on Air Force One to a senator or member of Congress, more often than not, he keeps Congress and official Washington at arm’s length, spending his down time with a small — and shrinking — inner circle of aides and old friends. 
Maybe he doesn't feel he has to play the game. Maybe he believes he's got the election locked up already.


Reliapundit said...

barry soetoro obama is a sociopathic narcissist - and a dictatorial tyrant by nature - who has more in common with the nbbp and acorn and the seiu than the dems or repubs.

ergo he doesn't talk to them as much as he talks to andy stern.

also: he is an egomaniac who think he doesn't have to work hard; as he admitted: he is lazy.

narcissists use their laziness as an excuse when they lose. it gives them an excuse which retains their inflated egos.

Unknown said...

Hi Pasto.
Great minds think alike.... i came to the same conclusion months ago.It's not difficult to play if you know the outcome.