Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The Daily Caller writes about the committee hearing Rep. Peter King gave on Muslim recruitment in prisons, and the rebuttal he had to give to Rep. Laura Richardson who tried to term it as "racist", making her yet one more person who cannot distinguish between religion and race:
During King’s Wednesday hearing on “The Threat of Muslim-American Radicalization in U.S. Prisons,” Democratic committee member Rep. Laura Richardson alleged that the inquiry could “be deemed as racist and as discriminatory.”

King did not take kindly to the charge, telling the committee that political correctness has gotten in the way of safety.

“I disagree 100 percent with the gentlelady. She is entirely wrong,” King said. “The fact is this committee was set up to combat terrorism. It was set up after September 11. As the Gentleman Mr. [Lamar] Smith [R-TX] has testified, there are already procedures in place which follow gangs when they leave prison. We have protocols in place for that. Unfortunately because of too many instances of political correctness, we do not have protocols in place to follow those who were trained in jihad in the prisons. That is why this is unique.” [...]

“I would say to the gentlelady, your party had control of this committee for four years. Not one hearing at all on anything involving Skinheads, on Nazis, on the Ayran Nation, on white supremacists at all. Certainly this issue emerges when we start talking about Muslim radicalization. That is the purpose of this committee. We have a Judiciary Committee to deal with other issues in the prisons.”
Sad as it is, there may actually be some neo-nazis on the loose in the mid-south, like during the time of the murder of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian by a black gang in Tennessee, and some neo-nazis, clearly intent on undermining the effort to combat black-on-white violence, exploited the situation for hatemongering. I have no doubt they were actually trying to help the villains. Were villains like those neo-nazis ever the focus of the committee when the Democrats controlled it? If not, then we have to wonder if they really are concerned about even those monsters.

But aside from this, is Peter King going to be more respectable and responsible when it comes to inviting witnesses and experts, and not shun people like Steve Emerson and Ayaan Hirsi Ali who could have some vital info to offer? If he continues what he did last time he was running this committee, then he'll only be performing what he accuses the rivals of stooping to.

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