Saturday, December 18, 2010


He may not get the exact same response from me that Joan Rivers gave him to his jaw-crashing bigotry, but after reading Jeff Dunetz's take on the subject, let me just say that, while the Jewish religion does offer the chance for forgiveness, it's clear that Gibson doesn't want it, and I'm not giving it. I will say that he and Jodie Foster make a great combo together: she once said she supported Leni Riefenstahl, and gave a whole bizarre, whitewashed/sugarcoated blabber statement about that filthy nazi-supporter during WW2. Let's hope they both sink down together at the box office.


Rochelle Krause said...

Unless you can provide a link showing exactly how Jodie Foster showed SUPPORT of Leni Riefenstahl, you should control your judgment. I recall reading an explanation by Foster as to why Riefenstahl would make a good subject for a film. I can't find the quote directly from Premiere Magazine, Sept. 2005, but here it is from the David S. Wyman Institute's website: http://www.wymaninstitute.org/press/2005-09-01.php

Ms. Foster was asked: "For years, you've been planning a biopic about Leni Riefenstahl, who directed the Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will and who died two years ago. Are you still going to make it?"

Foster replied: "Yeah, we're still working on the script, and I'm still going to play her. I met her a couple of times ... She wrote a biography that's almost all lies, but it's interesting. I wanted her archives, but I didn't want her involvement [in the film]--and that's something she really wanted, because she'd been libeled so many times. She was not a member of the Nazi Party, and she was not Hitler's girlfriend--that's just stupid. But she's a complex morality tale.”

Here's how I read Foster's comments: first, Foster says that Riefenstahl's autobiography was lies; second, Foster says that Riefenshahl felt that she had been libeled so many times that she wanted to be involved in the film despite Foster not wanting her involvement (the Wyman site gets this point wrong. They claim that FOSTER said that Riefenstahl had been libeled but that is patently FALSE.); third, Foster states correctly that Riefenstahl was neither a member of the Nazi Party nor Hitler's girlfriend. Those are simply the FACTS. It's also a fact that Riefenstahl made propaganda films that benefitted the Nazis. Foster does not, however, deny THAT particular fact nor at any point in the response above does she show SUPPORT! That's just your own perception projecting onto her comments.

Before you attack someone, I suggest you stop taking everything personally, stop being offended and most importantly, get your facts right. Thank you.

Rochelle Krause said...

Your facts are wrong. Jodie Foster NEVER showed SUPPORT of Riefenstahl. She simply said that those who say Riefenstahl was a member of the Nazi party or was Hitler's girlfriend are wrong. And she's correct, Riefenstahl was neither. Riefenstahl was, however, a propaganda filmmaker whose work benefitted the Nazis. Foster NEVER denies that. This link shows Foster's quote:


Please get your facts straight in the future if you're going to criticize people.