Saturday, February 06, 2010


America's Democrat Party has become an old-time European Labour Party and is verging on becoming a Latin American socialist party.

The polls prove that they LIKE socialism.

And the MSM - for all intents and purposes an organ of the DNC - calls these pinko Democrats "mainstream" while deriding the Tea Partiers as teabagging right-wing racist extremists despite the fact that we are just Americans who revere the US Constitution and the free-market.

How are these Democrats becoming Chavezistas? Simple:

The left-wing dominated Democrat Party truly has no use for democracy IF IT DOESN'T ADVANCE THEIR UTOPIANIST SOCIAL AGENDA.

For example, when Senator Torricelli got in trouble they had no problem taking him off the ballot and inserting Lautenberg despite the fact that this broke the law. (They just got a Democrat Party-machine appointed "Judge" to rule in their favor.)

And in Massachusetts, the Democrat Party controlled legislature TWICE changed US Senate succession rules just to make it tougher for a Republican to get the job.

And now - just days after the PEOPLE selected Scott Cohen to be THEIR nominee for Lt Gov of the state of Illinois, the Party Big shots are trying to get him to resign.

(More on it here at Memeorandum.)

Need another example? HERE:

USAG Holder dismissed charges against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation despite the fact that they had virtually pleaded guilty.


A leading Democrat utopianistic leftie on MSDNC - Ed Schultz - actually advocated voter fraud on the Massachusetts special election.

MORE? Here are a few more examples:

They would pass Obamacare via reconciliation if they could.

They would end the filibuster in the US Senate.

And they would abolish the US Senate.


It's because they have become more and more leftist and UTOPIANISTIC.

You see, utopianists think that they can make human society PERFECT: eliminate poverty, ignorance, disease, war, greed, selfishness and so on.

All we'd have to do is follow their BRILLIANT logic and FLAWLESS policies carried out by the most intelligent and moral and well-educated men and women and transgender people of every race, nationality, ethnicity and sexual identification - (according to a soft quota).

They really REALLY do believe that they can make the world A PERFECT PLACE; they believe in the perfectibility of people and government and bureaucracies.

And believing this is possible, then ANYTHING which gets in the way of a UTOPIA - a perfect world without anything bad - is certainly worth GETTING RID OF!!!!!!!

Whether it's democracy or a race of people.

It's this UTOPIANISTIC IMPERATIVE which animates the leftist seeming need to ride roughshod over our innate rights - and even commit genocide.

And make no mistake about it: leftist utopianists have killed more people than any other ideology in human history - (except for Islam - which has done it over more centuries). PolPot was a utopianst. So was Mao, and Stalin and Hitler and Kim il Sung and Mugabe and Castro and so on.

Conservatives don't believe in the perfectibility of man or government or society. That's why the Founding Fathers wanted LIMITED government with checks and balances and divided power.

The Founding Fathers knew that because humanity wasn't perfect, a too powerful government run by humans would inevitably decline into tyranny. And they knew that each of us has OUR OWN IDEA OF WHAT'S PERFECT FOR US. And that this is different for all people. And that therefore government mustn't decide for us what is best for everyone.

For a conservative, an ideal world is one in which each of us is free to live our lives according to what makes us happy - and where we each take individual responsibility for our own IMPERFECT lives, its up and its downs.

It's understandable that utopianists should be the most murderous people in history: if you believed that all that stood between the current screwed-up world and Utopia for 6 billion people - and a world without hunger or climate change or war or disease or greed and so on - was a few million or a few hundred million people or their "rights", then you would do what they have always done and continue to try to do: kill millions to get there.

And this is what animates the Democrats' efforts right here in the USA - today.

And this is why they must be stopped.

Utopianists have never failed to create DYSTOPIA. Mugabe did it. Castro too. And Stalin and Mao and Hitler and so on.

And if the utopianistic Democrat Party succeeds here then we will be poorer, and less free.

We can stop them this November!

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