Monday, April 20, 2009

Will Military Continue Stonewalling on Lie Detector?

Nearly two weeks have passed since I published a post (”Is Tech ‘Turf War’ Putting U.S. Troops at Risk“) about my attempts to learn about the effectiveness — or lack thereof — of the military’s use of the Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System. Today, I wonder if officials at U.S. Central Command will continue the Army’s practice of stonewalling me when it comes to answering questions about the use of the hand-held lie detectors in combat zones.

The subject is important to me, especially when I consider a note received from an active-duty member of the Special Operations community who’s obviously familiar with the issues at stake:

“The bottom line is that the upper levels of command owe us a product that works. The CVSA has been tested under combat conditions and truly works! What more proof do they want?”*

To read the long and twisted chronicle of this former Air Force public affairs officer's attempt to get answers from the military, click here.

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