Saturday, April 18, 2009


Another attempt has been made at attacking Israeli authorities with an expensive German-made car:
A Palestinian driver ran over two police officers Saturday, while they were on a patrol near the Hizmeh checkpoint, north of Jerusalem.

According to the initial police report, the officers were on routine Highway Police activity at the time of the incident, inspecting a Palestinian taxi at the checkpoint, when the man, driving a Mercedes, came out of one of the lanes and rammed into them.

Both officers were thrown a short distance from the impact of the car. They were rushed to the Hadassah Mount Scopus and Hadassah Ein Kerem hospitals in Jerusalem, suffering from moderate and light injuries to their lower extremities.

The driver, a 37-year-old Palestinian resident of the East Jerusalem village of al-Azariya, was detained immediately. The man initially admitted malice, but later confessed to having mental problems.
First, I'm afraid that terrorist attacks are on the increase again. Oh, and don't buy into his sob story about mental illness, which is certainly farfetched.

Now, about the car. Notice how the vehicle used was a luxury car made by a German outfit? A couple months ago, a similar incident happened in Jerusalem when another car jihadist used a BMW. Again, this shows how these are no paupers.

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Ellen K said...

Many of the London terrorists were doctors or other professionals that had been granted visas based on their education levels. How many foreign exchange students do we currently have that hold the same beliefs? How many in the medical profession are from this part of the world? I know my Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance lists many from other nations. I hate to think they would risk someone's life for a political point, but I don't think we should discount that idea either.