Thursday, August 07, 2008

Moronic ACLU says that more blacks arrested proves bias

I imagine that the ACLU are trying to silence people from saying the obvious but I will say it anyway: Blacks are MUCH MORE LIKELY TO COMMIT VIOLENT CRIMES THAN WHITES ARE. If it makes me a racist to state that plain truth then so be it. If it takes a racist to tell the truth then racists must be fine people. Maybe the ACLU are trying to give racism a good name

"Legislators should toughen a law passed in 2001 to prohibit racial profiling by Louisiana law enforcement agencies, the American Civil Liberties Union said....

Grote said the study, entitled "Unequal Under the Law" and released Wednesday, was conducted in the first three months of 2007, using arrest data from sheriff's and police departments from St. Tammany, Avoyelles, and DeSoto parishes. Legislators have not yet seen the report.

Using demographics of communities and parishes taken from the U.S. Census, the ACLU determined the rate at which people of color were arrested compared to whites. "In every town, city and parish examined, people of color were arrested at a higher rate than their representation in the population," the report said."


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