Friday, November 02, 2007


Our beloved Democratic Congress, led by professional politicians Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, has hit another milestone. Unfortunately, their latest achievement is completely bungling U.S. energy policy, resulting in the highest oil prices ever seen on the face of the Earth.

Crude Oil and Gasoline Prices under the current Democratic Congress(source: Gateway Pundit, click to zoom)

You may ask: why would I blame the Democrats? The answer is a simple, brutal fact (hat tip: Gateway Pundit).

Democrats have prohibited drilling in all areas marked in red

The "not-in-my-backyard" Democrats have prohibited drilling in literally every oil-rich area that surrounds the country.

This US DOE Report posits that there are more than 9000 billion barrels of oil in this country alone. New technologies coming online could double U.S. oil reserves. Even the known stripper oil wells could be converted to crude oil production.

Were the Democrats' objections to local exploration based upon ecological grounds? Of course not. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita proved -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that offshore rigs are ecologically sound. During the twin storms, the rigs were swept away like leaves in the tailwind of a Rosie O'Donnell fart. Did you hear about any oil spills in the aftermath of the storms? Nope. The Democrats' bogus objections to offshore drilling are based upon two factors unique to the liberal progressive wing of the party: stupidity compounded with arrogance.

Meanwhile, there's important offshore drilling news that the mainstream media hasn't chosen to share with its customers: China is drilling for oil 50 miles from Key West, Florida. Yes, you heard that right. Michael Moore's socialist utopia -- Cuba -- is leasing drilling rights to the Chinese. In turn, they are draining the gulf of oil with the tacit approval of your Democratic Congressional leadership.

Cuba has leased drilling rights to China 50 miles from Key West, FL

Now, you'll forgive me as I have to write my representatives a thank you note for their wonderful stewardship of U.S. energy policy.

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Carl said...

It has been proven time and time again that drilling offshore is safe and effective. All the massive oilspills in Louisiana and Mississippi and Texas Gulf Coast waters predicted by the "dirt people" before Hurricane Katrina never happened. The rigs are build so well and have so many safeguards that the chances of a massive spill are slim and none (and slim moved out of town). Here in Florida, Charlie Crist is proving to be more of a RINO than the conservative Republican he claimed to be during the election and he's taken drilling for oil and natural gas in Florida waters OFF the table.

The fact of the matter is that the United States has more oil and natural gas than they can handle but no one in charge has the cajones to actually push for drilling.

And let's not get started on nuclear energy which has been used effectively and extremely safely in Europe for decades now.

Oh...and my pessimistic prediction? We'll be passing the $5 mark on gas quite quickly and heading towards even higher prices. However uber-libs like Hillary Rob'em Clinton will blame big oil companies and promise their socialist devotees to take the oil companies' ill-gained profits.