Wednesday, October 17, 2007


First, a photograph (taken about 100 years ago) of the tomb of the Patriarch Joseph.

It was a forlorn and solitary stone structure in the middle of a desert. No life, no activity, no development. Just like most of the Land of Israel at that time.

But then the Jews, the descendants of Joseph and his brothers, the descendants of the former slaves who fled Egypt with their ancestor Joseph's mummified body in its Egyptian sarcophagus,descendants of the former slaves who had carried it in the desert for 40 years so that they could bury him near his beloved birthplace, came to return to their Land.

The Tomb of Joseph was cleaned up, and the area came back to life. For the Land and the People are One.

The Tomb of Joseph became a center of life and learning.

But the Government of Israel abandoned the Tomb of Joseph in October, 2000, to appease the Arabs in the midst of their genocidal intifada.

The Arabs responded by burning and sacking the Tomb.

They desecrated the holy place.

They painted it green to turn it into a mosque.

That is what they want to do to the entire Land of Israel; drive out the Jews, destroy all of the life and development that the Jews have created in what was a forlorn desert, and return the land to the savage brutality they have brought about in Gaza. They no longer deny it. Abbas says he wants ALL of Jerusalem, including Herod the Great's Western Wall.

And that would only whet their appetite for Al-Andalus and the rest of the West.


Reliapundit said...

abbas has help: olmert and rice/bush.

and abbas's comrades have a fifth column in al-andalus and the rest of europe and even the usa: the left.

Sholom said...

...And for more information regarding Israel's right to exist (or lack thereof).

Punditarian said...
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Punditarian said...

Sholom, the post you linked to at your site is just a profanity-laced leftist scream that ignores the simple truth that Hamas is openly committed to the annihilation of the Jews and the eradication of the state of Israel. The only reason Hamas would enter into negotiations is to grant a hudna, in order to gain time and ready themselves for more terrorism. Leftists are just pretending that Hamas is something (anyhting!) other than what it is. The Arab population of Gaza is finding out the truth -- will you?

Reliapundit said...

first of all, sholom call himself an anarchist-rabbi and seems to be a supporter of ron paul.

so let's stipulate first that he is a NUT.

that being said, the argument that israel has no right to exist is anti-semetic - not merely anti-zionist.

there are two basic arguments which prove israel has a right to exist.

one is because they are the only RIGHTFUL owners of the land.

they have a deed from God - it's in the Bible, and all previous owners are non--extant/wiped out - erased. THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS CANAANITES; THE ISRAELITES KILLED THEM ALL. that's why no people on Earth have a prior claim on that land - no deed. Nothing.

Arabs came from ARABIA, not Canaan.

Archaeological digs at Jericho confirm the Biblical tale GOGGLE IT!

But even if that Biblical connection were unknown, Israel would have a right to exist. Because most if not all nations on Earth EXIST and HAVE ORDERS as a result of WAR.

People fight for land; the winner KEEPS IT.

ALl the other borders in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia - etc - were created this way.

The Wnner KEEPS the lands they've won.




Israel is for some reason not allowed to keep the fruits of its victories, and has to return Sinai and Gaza! And many say the so-called West Bank, too.

Holding Jews to a different standard than gentiles is the very core and definition of ANTI-SEMITISM.

Thee is a mosque in Jerusalem - because ARAB MUSLIMS came and saw and conquered.

This is why there are mosques from morocco top the philippines.

Islam is a religion of conquering terror - not proselytation.


They. Should. Not.

As Muslims (and Romans before them) TORE DOWN temples when they won and took the land, so do do WE have that right.

Turnaround is fairplay.

But muslims don';t feel this way/. They was to keep all their booty even a hundred or hundreds of years after they've lost the land they once cnquered - as in India.

They still freakin' think they have a claim on Spain for crying out tears!

BOTTOM-LINE: unlike Spain, there NO extant Canaanites to put a prior claim on Israel.

Israel has the right to keep what was given by God and what they've won in war.

The Land of Israel is the proper possession of ISRAELIS because no one has a prior claim (and takle it with reason) and no one can take it by force.

BTW: the so-called al aksa moaque is a fraud.

AND.... the fact is that for the hundreds of yeasr the Turk ruled what is now Israel NO MUSLIMS MADE PILGRMIAGES TO IT. It was virtually ABANDONED.

The CLAIM that this is an imprtant mosque to Muslims is a LIE perpetrated by so called Palestinians.

AND ANOTHER THING: at the turn of the 19th-20th C, more Jews lived in Jerusalem than any other group. Contemporaneous histories all say this.

The region was never all Arab.

AND: the ONLOY people to call themselves PALESTINIAN after WW1 were JEWS. Arabs all saw themselves as part of the UMMAH - a pan-Arab nation.

In posr WW2 British Palestine Arabs called themselves ARABS and Jews called themselves PALESTINIANS. ANd brits called themselves brits and Turks -Turks etc.

The ID of a "people" as "palestinian" is a lie invented AFTER 1967 - which is more than a decade after the PLO was founded.

Palestinians have no language of their own, no vulture of their own - no nothing of their own except the fact that they've turned over themselves to jihadoterror.

AS THE WAR BETWEEN FATAH AND HAMAS PROVES: they'd just as soon kill each other as a Jew or an Israeli.

HECK: they kill their own daughters all the time and call it HONOR killing.
They are almost ALL animals.


Murderous genocidal SCUM.

Israel is a green and free and vital and pluralistic place. On the very same land and in the very same weather as it's Arab neighbors who live under tyranny terror and poverty and ignorance.

And Islam.