Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Even the AP has had to admit it, after a nationally promoted and hyped antiwar rally in Washington drew fewer than 1,000 protesters: the antiwar movement is entirely the work of two communist fractions.
Sparse turnout -- fewer than 1,000 at a rally on Saturday, according to local media reports -- could undermine the goal of forcing an end to U.S. involvement in Iraq, participants say.
In typical leftist fashion, the protest groups are the result of a split in "The Workers World Party," a feat which surely rivals the splitting of the atom (as an old line about some other such split used to go.)

Saturday's protest, sponsored by the Troops Out Now Coalition, came two weeks after an antiwar event sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition, which drew roughly 10,000 people. ANSWER also sponsored a rally in March.

The groups' agendas are similar, opposing what they call "imperialist" U.S. policy not only in Iraq but toward countries like Cuba and Iran -- which has alienated some supporters.

"There's all of these peripheral issues that you're going to be associated with, whether you want to or not," said Hamilton College history professor Maurice Isserman.


Both groups' leaders were associated with the Workers World Party, which advocates a shift toward a Soviet-style planned economy. But a 2004 dispute prompted some members to form the splinter Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Members of the splinter group stayed active in the ANSWER Coalition, and the remaining members of the Workers World Party formed the Troops Out Now Coalition, Troops Out Now spokesman Dustin Langley said. [Emphasis added.]

What motivates these groupuscules, needless to say, is not a desire for peace, or to even to end the war, if that end came about because of an American victory. They want to see the United States defeated, and replaced by a Sovietized communist state. Every other issue is simply a means to that goal. They use calls for peace to fool the public into supporting their underlying agenda.

The communists similarly fooled large portions of the American public during the Vietnam War; we are fortunate that they haven't been able to do so now even with MSM supporters and Soros's money.

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Reliapundit said...

nevertheless, pelosi, reid et al march to their drumbeat.

the dem leadership has more in common with these folks than... fdr, truman, jfk, scoop, or joe lieberman.

the dems are more the party of lamont and daily kos and answer than of fdr et al.

and keep in mind that the dem congress is now at 11% popularity/aporoval.

so just who are they pleasing?

not the leftists.
and that leaves just 11%.

which means that the dems are 89% leftists.

who don't want to march anymore.

but they're just as dangerous as the ones that do wanna march...