Sunday, September 23, 2007


With a bit hat tip to the Gateway Pundit, some telling "lowlights" this week from the Daily Kos:
You will recall of course that all the Democrat candidates paraded like pilgrims to Mecca to the Kos Convention in Chicago earlier this year; and you are aware that the Kossaks are on the front lines of Democrat Party activism and fund raising.

So, especially you centrists out there: the next time you are in the polling place, keep in mind that the Democrats on your ballots--the same ones trying to portray themselves as "moderates" or "centrists"--have been taking huge sums from these nutcases (not to mention criminal "bundlers" like Norman Hsu and other sources eminating from Communist China...). And even nutjobs do not part with their money for nothing; they expect a little ROI. And men like George Soros have been pouring millions into organizations like MoveOn.

It is a fact that today's Democrat Party has become almost exclusively beholden to people who use smear tactics to slime outstanding Americans like Petraeus, and who openly display their affection for mass murderers who have been openly killing US soldiers, executing political dissidents, and mutilating, oppressing, and even killing their own wives and daughters. During the Vietnam War, it was only fringe radicals like Jane Fonda, the Black Panthers, and the Weathermen who used this kind of rhetoric. Today that exception has become the rule for Democrats. No wonder their rhetoric in the last several years has been so full of hate and venom, and so short on ideas that capture the imagination of the voting public.

You won't see slogans from MoveOn like 'Democrats for Wife Beating' or 'Clitorectamy Rights Now', but when you see posts like the ones linked above every week on the #1 most popular Democrat website, it is inevitable that independents who thought that Democrats would be an improvement over Republicans in Congress and the Presidency will eventually ask: "what in the hell was I thinking???" Especially as they continue to observe the so-called leadership of the party and Presidential candidates parading to kiss the hand of the Kossaks--and even to the capitals of our foreign enemies. Maybe it hasn't happened yet, but don't be suprised when it does.

It has long been a tenet that General Elections in America are won in the middle; it is my belief that the limits of how far Middle America can be pulled towards the lunatic-fringe left is rapidly reaching its breaking point--if it hasn't been breached already by the events since January of this year.

Still, it will continue to be a solemn responsibility of the Blogs, New Media and Talk Radio to raise the degree to which the radical left has co-opted the party to public consciousness--so that by the time the election is upon us, there will be broad knowledge of the sewer that was once the party of statesmen like Jefferson and JFK. That party is long gone.

(ps - In case the Kossaks go back and delete these above linked blog entries because of public outcry--which they have been known to do--the Gateway Pundit link has the screen prints.)

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