Monday, January 22, 2007


"What about home schooling? You know, it's not just for scary religious people anymore."--From Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I usually like to say that I'm not your typical homeschooling mom but I'm not sure there is one anymore. The stereotype used to be a mother with long gray hair in a bun always wearing a jean jumper with 8 kids. I have 4 kids which is a lot of kids to your average liberal but very few in some homeschooling circles. My husband is a Youth Pastor but my kids watch TV and do Karate and lots of other normal things.

I have home schooled for 8 years but I am considering private school for my kids for next year. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to homeschooling, private school and public school. In considering private school I have examined the strengths and weaknesses of home schooling. I think one of the biggest strengths is being able to prepare your kids with a Conservative, Christian Worldview. One of the biggest problems I have with public schools is that many of them preach a liberal, anti-American worldview to our kids.

Recently my husband had one of the teens from the youth group over. He saw that I had pictures of President Bush up and made some comment. We started talking and it turned into a political debate. It was a cordial debate and he wasn't bad since he is on a debating team. Yet what broke my heart was how he has been completely indoctrinated via the public school system and the liberal media. All this coming from a pretty good kid but one whose world view is seriously flawed.

Liberals have taken over many of the college campuses, the public school system, Hollywood and the Drive By Media. If we are to combat liberals completely taking over the culture we will have to take an active role in training our kids.


Joia said...

I've had my son in the public school system for most of his education, and there have definitely been problems. The first one was when he came home from first grade with materials teaching him that HIV was just one of many viruses. Um, whaa? Even aside from the issue of whether HIV is age-appropriate for First Graders, the materials were so PC that they were pure foolishness and left children with dangerous assumptions.

Bottom line is that I've learned that I have to really stay on top of the science and health curriculums, as well as emphasize moral and Biblical teachings at home.

Kirkrrt said...


I am a strong proponent of home schooling and think anyone who can do it has a lot more patience and organization than I do.

Regardless of the reasons for home schooling, the indisputable fact is that your children will be better educated than children taught in classrooms.

Reliapundit said...

the best hope we have for the future are (1) kids who are home-schooled and given a religious education, and (2) the fact that lefties tend to have abortions and not kids.

if we can hold on another 40 years then this demographic fact means we will defeat them.

i also think we have to prevent legal and illegal immigrants to be co-opted by the dem machine. these immigrants are the only part of the leftist base that's growing, which is why they want to give the vote to felons.