Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Australia's Barrier Reef extinct in 20 years: Stupid Greenie claim

Odd that coral reefs have survived all the past warming episodes in Earth's history! Odd that coral thrives most in the WARMER waters of Northern Australia! The reef is thousands of miles long and stretches from barely warm waters in the South to very warm waters in the North. So it clearly can handle large temperature variations. Coral is mainly tropical. It LIKES warmth! What barefaced lies Greenies tell!

The Great Barrier Reef will become functionally extinct in less than 20 years if global warming continues at its current pace, a draft international report warns. A confidential draft of the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), obtained by Melbourne's The Age newspaper, says that global warming will cause billions of dollars of damage to coastal areas, key ecosystems and the farming sector without massive greenhouse gas emission cuts.

In a chapter on Australia, the draft IPCC climate impacts report warns that coral bleaching in the Barrier Reef is likely to occur annually by 2030 because of warmer, more acidic seas.



John Samhain said...

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The white race is the basis of my conservatism.

Making more homes, and more artificial GM feed for swarthy skinned peoples who will somehow carryout our "values" after we are extinct is a judaic pipedream.

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God save the barrier reef. If nature is healthy, the white race is healthy.

Reliapundit said...

john samhain - as much as we all love your comments - (because you expose your side for what it really is) - you really ought to get a blog of your own. they're FREE.

then, you can post idiotic hate-filled nonsense all day long, to your cold heart's content.

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alas, it will be a short post for no pagan racist has ever contributed on iota to the well-being of modern civilization - or even the well-being of "the white race."

good luck in your new blog! (Call it Racist Greenie Pagan's Idiotarian Bloggers Club.)