Monday, December 25, 2006


It would be foolish to complain about the insensitivity of Public Radio International (originally founded as American Public Radio) and the producers of "This American Life," because sensitivity and insensitivity are not what it's all about.

What it's all about is a Gramscian attack on Christianity, because Christianity is a bulwark of American culture against collectivism and the jihad.

My local public radio station, which was once owned by a Jesuit university, broadcasts "This American Life" every Sunday afternoon. I happened to tune into it in the car yesterday.

I was astonished to find myself listening to a mock "fable" about the birth of Jesus, with a nebbishy Saint Joseph ruminating about his wife's supposed "infidelity," and wondering aloud what it means to be cuckolded by the Creator. The voice sounded like David Sedaris, but it might have been someone else. I didn't listen through to the end. And I am not going to give you a link. If you want to listen to this filth, find it yourself.

The story-line is an old chestnut of anti-Christian polemics. And I believe in freedom of the speech, of the press, and the airwaves. But the idea of broadcasting this sort of filth during the afternoon on Christmas Eve is appalling.

Do you think that the staff of "This American Life" --Ira Glass, Julie Snyder, Alex Blumberg, Sarah Koenig, and Lisa Pollak, inter alia -- would do a show during Ramadan featuring a witty conversational exchange full of sexual innuendoes between the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, and his 9-year-old wife, Aisha?

I don't think so, either.

That's because they are cowards, of course, and know that Christians aren't going to come after them with knives to decapitate them for their blasphemy, but it's not only because they are cowards.

It's also because they hate America and they hate Christianity. And I am also sure they would fall over themselves to do an equally filthy broadcast lampooning Judaism.

The Left's sympathy for jihadism deserves it's own post.

Reliapundit adds: In the interest of the truth I am providing a link to this Gramscian filth. PRI and NPR shouldn't get a penny of federal or state tax support or any tax breaks for deseminating this "progressive" anti-Western propaganda. PRI also has a show called Re-designing Christmas - probably some more anti-Christian crap. And another which presented a "re-written/new version" of the Nativity story. Write your Congressman to demand that none of your taxes are under-writing this anti-Judeo-Christian crap. The Left - the so-called "progressives" - are anti-traditionalism, anti-West and anti-Christian. As Punditarian wrote, they would never dare do anything of this sort against Mohammedanism - because like radical Muslims they hate the West. Post-modernists and jihadists are BIRDS OF A FEATHER! They are both our enemy. To defeat the jihadist enemy abroad we must defeat the "progressives" at home. Spread the word. Heck, write them:
Public Radio International
100 North Sixth St., Suite 900A
Minneapolis, MN 55403
phone: 612.338.5000

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