Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Human Rights Watch cited practices such as rape victims being forced to marry assailants and light sentences for men who kill female relatives suspected of adultery. In a report released Tuesday, the rights group said families, tribal leaders and authorities, backed by tradition and discriminatory laws, often sacrifice victims' interests for "family honor." And the problem is getting worse with growing poverty and lawlessness in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the New York-based group said.

The report comes about a year after a Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics survey of more than 4,000 households found 23 percent of women said they experienced domestic violence, but only 1 percent had filed a complaint. Two-thirds said they were subjected to psychological abuse at home.
One-quarter are physically abused, and two-thirds are psychologiclly abused. According the Left-wing HRW. OH MY GOD! This is horrifying. If they were treated this way because they were gay or black, then perhaps more Lefties would be upset. Or maybe not; maybe the Left has become so so so SO post modern that they no longer believe that all women everywhere are entitled to their basic universal huiman rights; maybe the Left thinks women's rights are culturally defined, and should remain that way!?

I DON'T! I think that the international community should shun all nations which allow this sort of systematic/sytemic abuse: kick them out of the UN and ban them from all multilateral trade organizations and forbid them any international loans. For starters.

WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? Because jihadoterrorists are NOT born in the womb; they are created in the family. And if the family is made up of men who beat their wives and daughters - and kill them to restore their honor, then we can never expect their male children to respect us infidels. REPEAT: If they'll murder the women in their own families to restore honor, then they will of course behead us infidels for... well, ANYTHING.

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