Thursday, October 05, 2006

Muslims Are Waging War Against Us, Says French Police Union - Police Casualties Are Higher Than American Casualties In Iraq

Nikolas Sarkozy looks as if he doesn't know what to do. Who can blame him?

"We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists. This is not a question of urban violence any more, it is an intifada ..."
My friend Blueslord from Actual Jihad has translated an article from the French paper Le Figaro which indicates that this year police casualties will reach 15% of the total police force:
"Violent acts are rising in an exponential proportion", says a speaker from the Police. "If this tendency continues, we will have 15% of the policemen hurt in a year".
That means French police police are suffering a higher number of casualties than are American armed forces in Iraq. The total number of casualties in Iraq per year is approximately 6,800, which represents about 4.5% of total American forces.

The casualty rate for the French police force will be over 3 times higher than that of the American military forces in Iraq. That is a stunning statistic.

It seems France really is at war, and thus far the French police are showing no signs that they intend to surrender, unlike the British police.

RELIAPUNDIT: Good one Pastorius! Atlas has some more on Eurabia here and HERE TOO. And the latter is from a different perspective - Paul Beline's, who argues that France is surrendering too (hat tip POWERLINE):
The attempt by the French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, a second-generation immigrant himself (though not from a Muslim country), to assert the authority of the French Republic over its lost territory has triggered the current civil warfare in France. For the “youths” this is a declaration of war. They are not in Sarkozy’s country but in their own country, where the West promised they could retain their own cultural values and spread them.

Those media that tell us that the rioting “youths” want to be a part of our society and feel left out of it, are misrepresenting the facts. As the insurgents see it, they are not a part of our society and they want us to keep out of theirs. The violence in France is in no way comparable with that of the blacks in the U.S. in the 1960s. The Paris correspondent of The New York Times who writes that this a “variant of the same problem” is either lying or does not know what he is talking about.
In other words: France surrendered YEARS ago; now they are trying - meagerly - to take back what they surrendered!

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