Thursday, September 28, 2006


SOLOMONIA (from a lengthy article by Ben Dror Yemini):
...The total count reaches about 60,000 Arabs killed in the framework of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Among them only several thousand Palestinians, although it is because of them, and only them, that Israel is the target of the world’s anger. Every Arab and Muslim death is regrettable. And it is okay to criticize Israel. But the obsessive and demonic criticism emphasizes a far more amazing fact: The silence of the world, or at least relative silence, in the face of the systematic extermination of millions of others by Muslim and Arab regimes.
60,000 SINCE 1949. That's in SEVERAL WARS: in 1949, 1956, 1967, 1972, two intifada's, the Lebanon war and the Hizballah war. That's over 57 years. DURING THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME:
more Arabs were killed by other Arabs - in Algeria alone at least 500,000 have been killed; more Arabs were killed by Persians - in the Iran-Iraw War; more Muslims were killed by Hindus in India; and more Shias were killed by Sunnis in Iraq alone.
Therefore, the whole entire FOCUS of the world on the Israeli-Arab conflict is entirely bogus, a reflection of anti-Semitism and not REALITY. And it also reflects the fact that many MANY people - of all partisan persuasions - have bought into Arab propaganda which demonizes and blames Israel - the "Israel Lobby", the Jewish neocons, the Likudniks - for our current GWOT. But the truth is that Casey Sheehan did not die for Israel, and the three IDF soldiers who are being held hostage are not victims of anti-Zionism. Casey died for humanity's thousand year struggle to attain universal human rights, peace and prosperity for everyone. And the IDF soldiers are hostages because they were on the front-lines of that war.

Those who blame Israel for Arab genocide or for igniting the GWOT are doing the bidding of the enemy.

9/29/06 UPDATE:
VDH AGREES: "... radical Islam's hatred of Jews is becoming normalized." RTWT.

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