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President George W. Bush freed the 50 million people living under these historically brutal regimes... And, President George W. Bush set 25 million women free from two of the worst womens rights abusers the world had ever known.

And yet you wouldn't know this from the supposed women's rights activists.... Today, 25,000,000 women are free from two of the most barbaric regimes in history thanks to George W. Bush. In fact, there has never been another world leader who has given so many women the gift of freedom.
And then, there's this letter-to-the-editor from the London Times:
If the parents of the young men who are attracted to this murderous martyrdom have lost control of their sons, then they must shoulder part of the blame. If the Muslims who choose to live in our society, with all its so-called tempting freedoms, do not protest against those who wish to destroy it, then how can they expect our tolerance? Why are the moderates not, in their hundreds and thousands, standing outside those mosques that are known to preach hatred, shouting “Not in our name” down their megaphones or “One, two, three, four, no more terror anymore”?

And where are the voices of the ordinary mothers and daughters and aunts from the Muslim community saying, “Enough. No more violence. No more deaths”, as did all those courageous women who helped to bring peace to Ireland? And if they, our Muslim sisters, are mute slaves to — or, worse, themselves in thrall to — the siren call of the death-wish culture, is there any hope for the rest of us?
WHERE ARE THEY?! I know where they are: they are afraid, and abused and battered.

I have long argued that in order to transform Muslim "culture" from a regressive, violent, xenophobic, Luddite, and anti-libertarian one, into a pluralistic, democratic, libertarian culture we have to do more than hold elections. We have to force them to end their backward and anti-humanitarian treatment of women, of their mothers, wives, and daughters. (
For a complete explanation of the demographic and cultural effects of Muslim misogyny CLICK HERE.)

Basically, I have argued this for one simple reason:
A society which allows it's own women to be systematically deprived of their innate, inalienable universal human rights is of course going to be a society which will condone and even valorize terror and atrocities to people they define as outsiders, infidels. If they condone murdering their daughters, of course they will condone genocide of the infidel.
Liberating the Muslim women from their religiously inspired oppression is as important as was ending the slave trade. And it should be embraced by all civilized nations.

The civilized world could begin to do this by expelling nations which permit misogyny - (in the form of polygamy, endogamy, forced marriages, "honor-killings", and any and all forms of sedcond-class citizenship) - from all international organizations and all international aid.

This would begin the transformation of their "culture", and it would be the beginning of the end of the systematic and dehumanizing practices they condone, if not laud.

IMHO: Transforming Arab Muslim families from ones which condone wife-beating and honor-killing into ones which treasure all - regardless of gender - would truly begin to drain the swamp. The fathers, sons and brothers would become more humane and less sociopathic - and as a result they'd be less likely to become jihadoterrorists.

REPEAT: Liberating the Muslim women from their religiously inspired oppression is as important as was ending the slave trade. And it should be embraced by all civilized nations.

This would be an entirely non-militaristic, totally diplomatic/economic/cultural front of the GWOT, and it is one the doves should totally embrace.

[ASIDE: Not all Muslim culture is misogynistic. It is dominant in Arab and African Islam, but not in all of Asian Islam. For example, Indonesian has , by-and-large, liberated Muslim women. This proves it's possible. And even though there are many Indonesian jihadoterrorists - (the Bali Bombing was but one of their atrocities), it is less of a problem, over all, than in Arab nations. Especially when you consider that Indonesia is the most populated Muslim nation in the world. My feeling is that somewhat liberated Muslim Indonesian women help keep Islamism in check.]

UPDATE: THE AUTONOMIST and I are on the same page, and he has a brilliant post up about the same topic: how the root cause of jihadoterror is sexual misogyny and not bad economic prospects for Muslim men; [though - since prosperity is a by-product of liberty - Islamism, (which is fundamentally anti-libertarian), does adversely effect the local economy. Ending Islamism WILL make their econiomies better!] Here's an excerpt from THE AUTONOMIST:
French film maker Pierre Rehov will soon release his documentary "Suicide Killers," a film delving into the methods and motives of Palestinian suicide bombers.

Rehov interviewed both families of successful bombers and also imprisoned bombers whose bombs failed to detonate. What he found dispels the myth that Arab and Muslim terror bombing is driven primarily by economic forces and a desire to overcome the 'oppression' of the West.

Rehov suggests that suicide bombers are driven by the tenets of Islam and by the sexual misogyny it causes in the cultures where it is prominent.

I have always believed that the sick view of sexuality promoted by strict Islam is one of suicide bombing's prime motivators. Young males, living in Islamic societies where pre-marital sex with women is sometimes punishable by death, and raised by mothers who are treated like chattel, can't possibly have healthy outlooks on sexuality.
(Great minds think alike!)
RTWT. PLUS: He has a great graphic. too!
More HERE on liberating women - via Infidel Blogger Alliance.)


Pastorius said...

Great post, Reliapundit.

Reliapundit said...


Joe Yangtree said...

"President George W. Bush freed the 50 million people living under these historically brutal regimes... And, President George W. Bush set 25 million women free from two of the worst womens rights abusers the world had ever

In the case of Afghanistan, this is true. Iraq, not so much.

"Historically, Iraqi women and girls have enjoyed relatively more rights than many of their counterparts in the Middle East. The Iraqi Provisional Constitution (drafted in 1970) formally guaranteed equal rights to women and other laws specifically ensured their right to vote, attend school, run for political office, and own property. Yet, since the 1991 Gulf War, the position of women within Iraqi society has deteriorated rapidly. Women and girls were disproportionately affected by the economic consequences of the U.N. sanctions, and lacked access to food, health care, and education. These effects were compounded by changes in the law that restricted women's mobility and access to the formal sector in an effort to ensure jobs to men and appease conservative religious and tribal groups."

Here's another. Perhaps this helps explain why we now hve lots more enemies and potential terrorists in Iraq than when we started.

Reliapundit said...

joe; first off it's been a real quiet hurricane season. what happeneded?! you and gore promised us the end of the world. how inconvenient.

now: are you arguing that sfghan woimen are not better off. if so, then you are a bigger jerk than i had already concluded.

two things: never make the perfect the enemy of the good.

and acceopt the fact that democratization and liberalization are processes not event.

what is in place in afghanistan and iraq now - as a result of gwb - will allow for the progress we expect and all humans deserve.

ASIDE: i fiond it so so so so SO fascinating that l;efties like you fear man-made global warming (a boogeyman) and find excuses to demean the noble and classivally liberal cause we fought for in afghansiatn and iraq.

bush didn;lt jst lob missiles in there. he underttook the great and noble mission of nation vbuilding - as we did in wurope after ww2.

you are not fit to kiss gwb's ass.

all the best, joe yang-off.

Joe Yangtree said...

"you and gore promised us the end of the world. how inconvenient."
While I made a lot of points about global warming before you ran away from the argument, I don't think any of them regarded hurricanes. While the science, evidence, and theory behind global warming is quite sound, the effect that it has had on hurricane strength and frequency is minimal at best, IMHO.

As another example of responding to points I never made, you state, "now: are you arguing that sfghan(sic) woimen(sic) are not better off." Actually, I was merely pointing out that the assertion from the original atricle that the Iraqi regeime was one of the "worst womens rights abusers the world had ever known" is not based on fact. In the very first line of my comment, I agreed that the Taliban regime was one of the worst ever and that GWB had set them free from a brutal and restrictive regime. I supported and continue to support the war in Afghanistan, even if I have some difficulty with the way it is being conducted. It's Iraq where our actions have been almost completely counter-productive.

Reliapundit said...

iraq counter productive!? bs.