Saturday, August 19, 2006


Check out this post with photos at No Pasaran. It illustrates the affinity between the Left and the jihadomaniacs. This affinity is basic and deep. It is based on the fact that all totalitarian utopianist ideologies are anti-personal liberty and anti-West. They all crave enforced outcomes, and seek to inflict their outcome on everyone else.

This affinity is not merely abstract. Many Leftists actively suppport jihado-hegemony. Others run interference for them. This is why the Left is a Fifth Column for the enemy, and why we need to crush the Left here at home in order to defeat the jihadomaniacs worldwide.

We need to dismantle the Leftist MSM, and their stranglehold on the academy. That way we can put an end to fauxtography, defeatist spin, "fake but accurate news," and prevent the next generation from being poinsoned by post-modern Leftism.

Because millions of Muslims all over the world are teaching their children that genocide is their religious duty, we must be prepared for a long global war. If our children continue to be programmed by Leftists who apologize for jihadism, then... we haven't got a prayer. [PUN INTENDED.]

ADDENDUM: Need more proof that Muslim genocidal terror is systemic and not isolated? Here's a link to a blog run by a moderate Arab Muslim. Here's an excerpt of a recent post - imploring other moderate muslims to sign a petition; which statesm in part (excerpt):
To: the Islamic Ummah

Firmly believing in Allah's divine mercy and compassion, and sharing his love for all his creatures, the undersigned members of the peace loving and moderate majority of Muslims, revolted and repulsed by blasphemous bloodshed in Allah's name, reject as un-Islamic conduct all acts of terrorism including but not limited to:
* school bus attack at Nahariya/Avivim (1970) which killed nine innocent children
* Ma'alot massacre (1974)
* Karni crossing bombing (2005)
* World Trade Center attacks
* Madrid rail bombing
* London rail bombing
* Beslan massacre
* genocide in Darfur
* Bali night club bombings
* decapitation of Danny Pearl
* decapitation of Nick BergWe condemn, regardless of the identity of the victims, terrorism in all its forms, bombings, shootings, knifings, hijackings, abductions and mass casualty attacks because they do unjust injury to innocent people and irreparable damage to Islam.
We call for the exclusion of incitement to terrorist violence from our madrassah curriculum, kittab & kutbah and from the mass media of all Islamic nations.

We call for withholding Zakat from all organizations which teach, incite, facilitate or organize & perform acts of terrorism.

We call on all Imams and Mullahs to fill their kutbah with Allah's love, mercy and guidance, not with blood thirsty calls for Jihad. We call on the Ulema to reject, as inspired by Shaytan,[22:52] the ayats & ahadith used by radical extremists to rationalize their terrorism.

All this we declare on our own free will, without any hesitation, mental reservation, kitman or al-taqeya whatsoever, by him in whose hand our souls are!
This blog got 9 comments and the petition got 79 signatures. TOTAL. There are 1 billion Muslims. The pitiful percentage seems about right to me; it proves that though the jihadoterrorists might only be a small fraction of the world's Muslims, the support they get from other Muslims - tacit and otherwise - is massive.

This global war against jihadism will last until incitement to terrorist violence is banned from madrassah curriculum, kittab and kutbah, and from the mass media of all Islamic nations. Calling Islam an ROP does not suffice. We must ramp up the non-military pressure: We should exclude from all international aid and trade any nation which fails to eliminate the promulgation of jihadism and put and end to Muslim misogyny, endogamy and polygamy.

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Pastorius said...

Well said. The silence of "moderate" Muslims is tacit consent.

I think the way to shut down the Madrassas is to cut off the funding. The funding of Sunni schools comes from Saudi Arabia. The danger inherent in Shiite ideology comes largely from Iran.

We need to end both regimes.

There is the possibility that in order to do this we will need to seize their oil wells, in order to screw up their economies. We need to back that up with a massive Radio Free Arabia/Persia campaign, in order to let the people know that we are waiting on them to overthrow their governments, and that we will return the oil fields to them as soon as they have displaced their leaders.

We need to be wise. We should not expect too much from our efforts to free the Saudi's or the Iranians. At the first sight of Islamism in their newly-established governments, we should once again seize their oil fields and wait until the new Islamist government collapses.

No more Islamism. No more sharia. No more preaching of Jihad against the Infidel. No more burqas. No more honor killings of homosexuals, apostates, or adulterers. No more tolerance for any of these things.

We would not have tolerated slavery post-Civil War. We would not have tolerated Emperor-worship or Aryan supremacism post WWII.

We should never again tolerate even for a second any of the symptoms of Islamism.