Sunday, June 25, 2006


Israel threatened strong military action today after Palestinian militants, including those belonging to the ruling faction Hamas, emerged from a long tunnel dug 300 yards into Israel, killed two soldiers, wounded three and kidnapped a fourth wounded soldier at an Israeli outpost near the Egyptian border.

Two of the eight Palestinians were killed; the rest escaped back into Gaza with the Israeli soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit, 19, who is believed to have been wounded and whom they may want to try to exchange for jailed militants. He was the first Israeli soldier kidnapped in more than a decade.

Israeli tanks moved a short distance into Gaza, the first tank incursion since Israel pulled its settlers and soldiers from the territory last summer. Israeli officials talked of serious retaliation for the raid, which was weeks in the planning and for which the ruling Hamas faction took partial responsibility, along with other militant groups like the Popular Resistance Committees and a newly formed group called the Army of Islam. ... A spokesman for Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri, defended the attack on the Arab television ...

Mr. Regev, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, said: "What part of Hamas is responsible is irrelevant. Hamas as an organization has endorsed it. And maybe for those in the international community who are talking about whether there is a new, pragmatic Hamas, this is a wakeup call." ... Mr. Regev added: "Abu Mazen goes to foreign capitals and says, 'I'm the partner you want. I'm the address.' But if he's not a partner in stopping violence, how can he be a partner for peace?"

If the soldier "isn't returned immediately then Israel will have to act," Mr. Regev said. ...

Hamas spokesman, Mushir al-Masri, now a member of the Palestinian Parliament, welcomed the attack. "We consider this operation a part of the natural response to Zionist crimes, especially after the series of killings of children, women, old men and whole families in Gaza," he said. "It is the right of our people to defend themselves with all the means available."

The spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, Abu Mujahid, said the attack was carried out to avenge Israel's assassination of the group's leader, Jamal Abu Samahdana, on June 8. Mr. Samahdana, who had been wanted by Israel, had also been serving the Hamas government as the commander of a new "executive force," a mostly Hamas militia that has engaged in a series of clashes with Fatah-dominated forces like the Preventive Security.
Iran wants to scuttle any deal between Abbas and Hamas, and to distract the world from maintaining the focus necessary to halt their nuclear weapons program.

REMEMBER: Israel is LITTLE SATAN to Iran - (and to anti-Semitic isolationists in the USA). Their MAIN goal is to get NUKES in order to defeat the GREAT SATAN - the USA. Iran (and al Qaeda) have been attempting to start a regional war in order to distract us from this - their ULTIMATE goal.


Anonymous said...

In 1953 the CIA overthrew Iranian
nationalist Mossadegh and installed the Israel-loving Shah,who mistrusted and disempowered Iranian mullahs and
formed alliances with the Zionist state.

That was enough to earn the rightful enmity of Iranians for the US for many a generation.
In the Khomeini Revolution the US
got its blowback comeuppance.

But now the US could prove its good intentions and earn Iranian goodwill by simply cutting off all aid to Israel until it vacates the West Bank and Samaria.

AB unfortunately wants the US to
war with Iran for Israel's sake
and pretend we are doing it for us.

He is more thus admired by the Benny Netanyahu crowd than by the true American Conservative.

Reliapundit said...

to assholes like you ERLANGER it always comes down to the JOOOOOOOOZE!

you and moore and scheuer and buchanan and wilson and sheehan: all anti-Semites.


thanks for exposing the idiotic racist attitude of the anti-war anti-Bush crowd - ONCE AGAIN!

thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

Het Relkiapundit:

Every time ERLANGER reads TAB - and he spends A LOT of time reading MANY pages there - he puts money in TAB's pocket!

Thank him for that, too!

Pastorius said...

Who is Erlanger, and how do you know that is him?

Reliapundit said...

"erlanger" buchananite aper of sheehan/scheuer/chomskyisms
who thinks he is a "true conservative"

because he is an isolationist.

he;s my knew annoying "anti-war" troll.

though sparty returned for a cameo.

and there are a few others in ohio - at XU - and in vancouiver.

and an anti-semite - like the named jerks above.

erlanger posts from the public library in erlanger kentucky.

i am sure he must be on many surveillance tapes there.

actually, he must read a lot of stuff.

too bad for him he believes the moonb at leftist crap.

which is weird because he claims to be a right-winger. and doesn;lt seem to question the fact the commies are syaing what he's saying. and the jihadosts too.

that's who the isolationists stand with.

people of the left and right whp don't care if israel were wiped off the map and a caliphate established over the entire muslim world from morocco to the philipines.

this is explainable ONLY within the convergence of anti-globalist protectionist neanderthal anti-sem cons and wacky loons of the left like JOSE BOVE.

and they believ in this isolationist anti-globalist craop despite the FACT that ALL of the pverty that has been wiped out in the last 20 years has been wiped out because of globalism.

and inflation has been tamed, and worldwide living standards have imporved, too.

the only thing that can cure him and his ilk is REALITY - and it will occur in about TEN YEARS - after we have won the GWOT.

he'll go: "OOPS, nevermind." Or claim the war was more LOST by the enemy than won by the USA/Bush.

and wander aroung the nearest library ranting aboiut the JOOOOOOOZE!

many lefties to this day deny Reagan's centrality in defeating the USSR and ending the Cold War.

does that answer your question!?

all the best!

Anonymous said...

your economics are also way off
and left wing.(Ricardo was a leftist,)

recommended-transcripts of Lou Dobbs for the past two years and his performance on Stephanapolous this AM.

Reliapundit said...

dobbs is an isolationist fool.

every single solitary poor antion which has imporved its economy has done so with more globalism and industrialization - the two bogeymen of the left.

hayek was right; marx wrong.

isolationism has always failed in the econimic and geopolitical areanas.

advocatiing it is like advocating marxism.


if out-sourcing was hurting us then why is unemployment so low and porductivity and income up!? and corp profits.

the facst prove dobbs is an idiot. he is also an ass and a buffoon and a blowgard schmuck.

he belongs with prevaricators and leftist agitators like stephanopulous.

have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

and who the fuck is ricardo!?


these leftie troills are INSANE!

Anonymous said...

college kids still quote marx.


marxism murdered more humans than any other ideology of ALL TIME!!

Pastorius said...

Yes, thanks.