Thursday, May 11, 2006


UN nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei has welcomed the move by the UN Security Council to hold off imposing sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme."The only solution to the Iran situation is a comprehensive package through dialogue, through negotiation," Mr ElBaradei said. The US had said earlier this week that pursuit of a tough UN Security Council resolution on Iran would be delayed.

"It is very good that the [UN] Security Council holds its horses," Mr ElBaradei said at a news conference in Amsterdam. "I am very optimistic, I hope both sides will move away from the war of words, I hope the pitch will go down... we need compromises on both sides," he added. ...

Tehran has so far ignored calls from the UN to suspend uranium enrichment.
As the old saying goes, all that evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Though in this case it seems to me like the UN is - for all intents and purposes - actually abetting Iran, by providing the means for them to delay until they get the bomb.

Baradei, and his ilk on the morally relativist Left, make no moral distinction between the two sides in this confrontation: the democratic West (where all people are equal before the law), and the tyranny of Iran - where open calls for genocide are repeatedly made by their president, and where women are virtual SLAVES.

MY POINT: the bomb is itself not a problem. The problem is, WHO has the bomb. No decent country is threatened by Israel's bomb anymore than they are threatened by France's or ours. But the whole of the CIVILIZED world is threatened by the POSSIBILITYof Iran getting the bomb. NOT because Iranians are evil, but because Iranians are enslaved to an evil regime ruled by evil men who follow an evil ideology - an evil ideology which must be destroyed for Humanity to be liberated.

We cannot co-exist with jihadoterrorism. It's us or them. One way or another. By regime change or by preemptive strike.

The Baradei's and Kofi's and Hillary's of the world will do nothing but talk. And talk is not a policy. Nor is appeasement a winning strategy.

As a man far braver and smarter than Baradei once said: "I know not what others may choose. But as for me..."

Which man's approach changed the world for the better? Has appeasement ever done more than give the enemy time to strengthen!? NO.

The critical moment approaches. If we prize our liberty, then we will need at least as much wisdom and courage as Mr. Henry.

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