Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Egyptian police say they have shot and killed the suspected ringleader of an Islamic militant group blamed for last month's deadly bombing in Dahab. ... Security forces said they surrounded Mr el-Mallahi in an olive grove to the south of el-Arish, after receiving a tip-off. Lt Gen Essam el-Sheikh, head of police in northern Sinai, told the Associated Press news agency that an accomplice, named as Mohammed Abdullah Abu Grair, was arrested in the same operation. "This is a major blow to the terrorist group," Gen el-Sheikh said.
Er um... this came as a result of a TIP - meaning that local Muslims turned them in.

Could it be that Bush and Rummy will win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world BEFORE they can convince the Left!? As absurd as it sounds I think the answer is: "YES!" Muslims living in the Third World may be more rational than affluent Lefties living in their fantasy world.

IOW: Today's Left may be EVEN more conspiratorial, and in deeper denial than Muslims. Or look at it this way: As a cult, Leftism (meaning socialist totalitarianism - or Marxism, Stalinism, Maoism, Nazism, etc.) killed more people and developed more adherents in the 20th Century than Islam has in fourteen centuries!

And as long as the Left dominates the academy, the MSM and the bureaucracy this will be tough to alter. Victory in Iraq, and else where in WW4 may very well be the final blow which eradicates the Left. I think they sense this and it's ANOTHER reason that they are making it so tough for our side to win.

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