Thursday, February 09, 2006


Yesterday, Hillary "socialized medicine" Clinton charged that the GOP is playing the "fear card" - as if we shouldn't be afraid of terrorists. She said:
...the GOP election message is: 'All we've got is fear and we're going to keep playing the fear card."
When she makes this charge she's as NUTTY as the LOONY-LEFTIST/DOVES who are now the base of the party, (if not its rank-and-file).

I think it is REASONABLE to be afraid of the terrorists who:
fly jets into skyscrapers; bomb Israeli pizzerias and Muslim weddings and funerals; riot and burn embassies over CARTOONS; blow up bars in Bali; behead charity workers; torch train-cars of Hindu pilgrims; destroy 1000 year old Buddhist monuments and behead Thai Buddhists; murder Russian school-children; condemn rape-victims to hanging; dress up their children as genocidal suicide bombers; deny the Holocaust; bomb subways in London and trains in Madrid; murder filmmakers; put fatwas on novelists; and generally try to establish tyranny and theocratic totalitarianism through intimidation and terror that KNOWS NO BOUNDS, AND ADHERES TO NO CONVENTIONS OF WAR.
On the other hand the list of things the Left is afraid of IS TOTALLY UN-FOUNDED, IF NOT - INSANE! The Left says:
"Man-made" global warming is the biggest threat we face; we're running out of oil and other natural resources; federal bureaucrats deliberately withheld hurricane rescue services to New Orleanians; the NSA is illegally intercepting all of everyone's international phone calls - (all 200+ BILLION yearly minutes worth!); the FBI is intimidating librarians; the pharmaceutical companies, Wal Mart and the oil companies are ripping us off BIGTIME - we have to regulate them more!; that off-shore oil-drilling and oil-drilling in ANWR would be desecrations of the environment; that the Bush Tax Cuts are destroying our economy - (and that Bush has the worst jobs record since Hoover - it's the worst economy since Hoover); that abortion will become illegal and unconstitutional if you vote GOP; and that the GOP will take away your right to have a living-will (even though ALL the Bush's have one!); Bush and the GOP are trying make America into a Christain version of the Iranian religious state.
The list of unreasonable fear-mongering by the Left goes back in time too. Remember these "golden oldies":
Reagan would start WW3; there will be mass global starvation; we're going to run out of oil; NAFTA will ruin our economy; Bobby Kennedy's ol' boss Joe McCarthy was evil personified and Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were innocent; "ending welfare as we know it" will put millions of people on the streets; the Reagan tax cuts will ruin the economy; that Afghanistan was going to be a QUAGMIRE - (we weren't supposed to defeat the Afghanis since the USSR couldn't); we weren't going to be able to defeat Saddam - because the strategy was wrong - we went in too fast and our supply lines were too strung out.
And so on. EVERY ONE - as in "EVERY FRIGGIN SOLITARY ONE" - of these Democrat/Left charges were wrong. WRONG! As if that wasn't bad enough: There's a whole 'nother humongous list of things the Left said we SHOULDN'T worry about that turned out wrong, too; here's a smidgen:
Don't worry - the Domino Theory is wrong; don't worry if we take away some of your 2nd Amendment rights - gun control will lower crime; don't worry if we take away some of your 1st Amendment rights - we will take BIG MONEY out of electoral politics; don't worry - bi-lingual education and multi-culturalism won't dis-integrate our assimilated society.
AGAIN: wrong every time.

The Democrats and the Left have been IRRATIONALLY fear-mongering for 50 years - they've been TRUMPING UP phoney fears like the true demoagogues they are. YUP: The Left are FEAR-MONGERERS who pedddle PHONEY/TRUMPED UP FEARS (and their "solutions - socialism/dhimmitude/appeasement/disarmament) would actually make our REAL problems WORSE!

BOTTOM-LINE: History has PROVEN that the Left have been wrong every single time. FACT: ALL the things the Left tells us we should be afraid of are nothing but BOGEYMEN!

And when they attack Bush and the war on terror, they are wrong again.

MY ADVICE: if the Left is against it, then you should be for it. If they fear it, then it must be good. The Left has been 180 degrees wrong on just about every issue for the last century. And I see NO signs of that record improving.

OH... there's one other thing (besides jihadoterror) that I am very VERY afraid of: today's Democrats ever taking over the House or the Senate, or the White House. God forbid. Please.


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Wish I'd written all that - nice.

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wtf is this shit. fighting scare tactics with ad-hominem attacks and uncited claims of error? I'm not gonna bother saying who's right and who's wrong, but I'd like to see WHY some of these million things turned out to be wrong, rather than you simply declaring it. I'm dissappointed in this page and I'm going to go yell at the person who sent me the link.