Saturday, October 29, 2005


Two news items provide more evidence that "the Syrian front" in WW4 is getting VERY ripe:

(1) BEIRUT: Lebanon’s Hizbollah resistance group said yesterday it would stand by Syria, blasting the United Nations for what it said was political incitement against Damascus over the killing of a Lebanese ex-premier. Tens of thousands of Lebanese attended an anti-Israel Hizbollah parade in Beirut’s southern suburb in a show of force by the resistance group facing US-led pressure to disarm in line with a 14-month-old UN resolution. “We say clearly that we stand by Syria, leadership and people, in the face of its targeting by the Americans and Zionists and attempts to punish it politically for standing by Lebanon and its resistance,” Hizbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah told the rally.

Hiz b'Allah is also a client of IRAN.

(2) WASHINGTON: The United States, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union called on Friday for Syria to immediately expel the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad from its territory. “The quartet urges the Syrian government to take immediate action to close the offices of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and to prevent the use of its territory by armed groups engaged in terrorist acts,” said a statement by the international group read by US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack. The statement by the international quartet, which is working toward Middle East peace, came two days after a deadly attack in northern Israel claimed by Islamic Jihad.

Every chance we get, we are going to turn up the heat on Assad. Until he caves. Then we can deal with Iran.

BTW: Nasrallah's speech and the latest genocidal hate-filled racist speech by Iran's president are examples of the reactionary policy of the Axis of Evil: with their backs getting closer and closer to the proverbial wall, they step up their attacks against Israel thinking that it will stir up support as much as it diverts the attention of their citizens from their own failures. And, if they can get an Israeli-Arab regional war to break out, they can divert US and coalition forces from attacking THEM!

(IMHO: It won't work. The Israelis - like the Iraqi Shias and Kurds - won't allow the jihadoterrorists to dictate the pace and tenor of the conflict. Neither will the USA. The combination of USA offenses in Iraq, and targeted assasinations by the IDF in Gaza and the West Bank SHOULD be able to prevent the enemy from getting the level of attacks up to the tipping point of war.) STAY TUNED!

UPDATE (as I predicted): ABCNEWS: this morning, in response to continued rocket-launching from Gaza and the recent jihadoterrorisy attack inside Israel -- AND THE LACK OF ANY EFFECTIVE RESPONSE FROM ABBAS OR THE PNA -- Israel INTENSIFIED its counter-attacks/preemptive assassinations in Gaza.

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