Friday, September 30, 2005


It's well documented that Katrina coverage SUCKED. BUT MORE THAN THAT: it always sucked to ONE SIDE: it was always anti-Bush (sometimes under the guise of being anti-FEMA or anti-Brown).

MEDIA BLOG at NRO - run by Steven Spruiell - posted this about HUGH HEWITT:

We had all the resources of the American media combined in New Orleans. Everything they had, they threw at it. With the help of locals like you and national networks, print, media, radio, everything, not one outlet could get inside the convention center or the Superdome to do accurate reporting. What's that tell us about the trustworthiness of American media, when it's far away from home in a war zone like Iraq? Isn't that in fact an obvious admission that not only can they not do the job in New Orleans, we can't expect them to do the job of accurate reporting in a war zone like Iraq?

ME: Well, the MSM DOES NOT DO INACCURATE because of incompetence. They misrepresent the truth because they go with whatever reinforces their story-template, which is primarily and predominantly anti-Bush. Any tidbit or rumor or photo or anything that is anti-Bush or can hurt Bush, they run with WITHOUT fact-checking/double-checking. IT'S NO PREMEDITATED; IT'S "UNMEDTATED." And they do so without one iddy-biddy teeny-weeny whit of care of what the repercussions of their biuased reporting might be - as in the case of the Abu Ghraib photos, and their demand that MORE Abu Ghriab photos be released. They do not care of they put our soldiers in danger or if they sow increased racism and class-warfare. As long as it "get's Bush" they run with it.

Why do they do this?SIMPLE: The vast majority of people working in the MSM are Left-wing scum. And THAT'S they are NOT to be trusted. We should no more trust so-called MSM news reports than we would "news releases" from Mugabe or Fidel or Kim Jong Il.


Anonymous said...

The media is extremely bias I'll agree, but not to the left wing agenda, if it were, then all you'd hear was anti war propaganda every where you looked, and believe me George W. Bush would not be President if it were, because when the entire media has an agenda, it gets done, there’s no way around that, the Media is the ultimate instrument of mass psychology.


The Media is Bias towards what ever will get them ratings, and Cindy Sheehan gets a lot of attention so therefore they're naturally going to cover her more so they make more money.

Further more You fail to realize the media isn't just the 24 hour cable news networks, It is a much larger entity than that that includes ALL of television, ALL of the radio, news papers, magazines, the Internet, etc... Much of which has a rightwing bias as well as a leftwing bias, some try to milk ratings out of having debates about the issues, and what ever which way they want to spin the issues. Often times left, I'll agree, but often times right as well.

Of course the media will never cover what’s truly important, only B.S like Terri Shrivo or Cindy Sheehan, like I said before, what ever makes them money.

Reliapundit said...

sparty -

if the MSM was NOT Leftist then why is all their buias anti-Bush?

or, give me examples of pro-Bush bias.



Anonymous said...

For one, Rush Limbah and Sean Hannity, along with a large amount of Talk radio, I can tell you don't need links to this because it's apparent this is where you get your news.

Also, Fox news has a largely republican favored network, as well as MSNBC when it wants to get around to real news instead of hogwash like the Michael Jackson trial.

And for the time being their anti- bush reporting is because statistically Bush is at his lowest approval ratings of his presidency, and they tend to go with what will give them ratings, for example, During the election time, after the Republican National Convention, the media favored Bush because he lead in the polls, I.E how they reported often on the Mistakes Kerry made in things like choosing his running mate, how inn effective he was at running a campaign etc...

It's not a matter of political agenda, it's a matte of MONEY. The MSM wants to go where the money is.

And besides, it's highly unlikely for much of the media to have a left wing agenda when Defense contractors such as G.E own a lot of it.

oh, and P.S, Don't call me Sparty

Reliapundit said...

sparty - you are an ass.

i do not listen to rush or sean.

i reads all news from all sides.

i have a masters from amjhor university.

i am no dope.

the msm is biased to the left. evan thomas - editor of newsweek said its worth 15% points in a opres election. he was NOT lying.

he is the son of famous lefties NORMAN THOMAS.

google him.

my challenge still stands: gove me links to ANY pro-Buish bias.

if you don't, then just admit u r WRONG.

and move on!


Anonymous said...
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Reliapundit said...


you cited not a single story which was biased in afvir of bush - which skewed facts in a way to make buish look better or his policies better.

so i deleted you worthless list.

lookit, kid: you are deludiong yerself if you think the MSM is not biased to the left.

i can cite MILLIONS of stories which are biased against bush.

lik e the whole wilson-plame thing.


buish NEVER EVEN SAID THE WORD 'NIGER" - and joe wilson ONLY was sent to Niger!

andf the Lord Butler Commission report REITERATED that the Brit Inel - which Bush cited in his sotu - WAS AND STILL IS ACCURATE.

like i say: this is just one of a million - like the whole FEMA/BROWN/KATRINA meme:

briwn had been deputy of fema for 2 years, and was diector of FEMA for FLA's hurricanes - theor worst ever - and NOTHING went wrong.
he handeled 154 presidential-declared disasters - no one ---AS IN NOT A SINLGE PERSON - complained.

and FEMA ROUITINELY tells ALL states and ALL localities, and ALL citizens to be prepared to handle an emrgenct YOURSELF for the first THREE DAYS!

this is IN WRITING.

so, when thew MSM complains that FEMA was slow --- THEY ARE LYING.

and they are lying inborderr to hurt Bush.

i could go on,(there are MILLIONS of examples) but I won't!

you cannot mention a single case of SMS bias which faviored Bush.

so give up. admit you are WRONG!


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