Monday, August 08, 2005

SO SICKENINGLY PERVERSE IT IS EVIL: "Terri Schiavo's husband Michael honored"

Miami, Florida - The husband of Terri Schiavo was honored by a group that advocates guardianship services for his years-long efforts to get his wife's feeding tube disconnected. Michael Schiavo was given the Guardian of the Year Award by the Florida State Guardianship Association. Terri Schiavo died from dehydration TWO WEEKS after her feeding tube was disconnected as a result of her estranged husband getting guardianship over her and after the courts allowed him to disconnect her from food and water.



Anonymous said...

Well, let me break it down for you: Michael Schiavo, after studying nursing so as to be personally involved with his wife's care, and after holding out hope for years and years after it was apparent that Terri stood no chance of making any meaningful recovery (her personality and memories were gone forever!), then endured countless legal battles and was subsequently beseiged by opportunistic SLIME who wanted to use his personal tragedy to make political hay for far-right Christians. The "liberal" media and the federal government went for it hook, line, and sinker, in part because of of a slew of coordinated misinformation including, among other things, the assertion that Terri was able to follow objects with her eyes (although the autopsy shows that SHE WAS BLIND) and a particularly irresponsible allegation that Michael Schaivo may have brought on her condition, although there was absolutely NO evidence to back this up. The poor man had his name dragged through the mud and endured a lot of trouble and heartache to do what his wife would have wanted him to do - what ANY even marginally sane person would want done if their consciousness was gone forever and their body was being used as a political football. So yes, he should be celebrated for this.

Reliapundit said...

you wrote:

".. after holding out hope for years and years..."

er um... he origianlly said she would want to be kept alive, like her parents ALWAYS claimed. then AFTER he got the $$$$$ he changed his tune.

you wrote:

"... beseiged by opportunistic SLIME who wanted to use his personal tragedy to make political hay for far-right Christians... "

er um the US SENATE voted UNANIMOUSLY to pass the bill allowing the Schindlker's to get a DE NOVO review in fede3al court - (just like any convocted murdere).
it was NOT partisan. that;s just a FACT., as in TRUTH. ptrobably something you are UNFAMILIAR with.

er um... BY THE WAY: the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES voted for the bill OVERWHELMINGLY, too! you jerk!

ia sk you: would you want your EX SPOSUE to have life-and-death power over yopu!?

i bet not.

and micahel schiavo was LEGALLY ESTRANGED FROM TERRI.

recently, a woman in a coma for 20 years came to, and is in rehab. she can talk. she was AWARE of thiogs while she was in a coma.

the Courts and Michael MURDERED Terri.

Gina said...

well the man had gone on with his life , he had a family , to me he seemed to care only forhimself , he was holding a grudge against Terry's family , again he had his family to care for , let terry go and be with her family , that would have been the fairest thing to do ... I am sure all he cared for was the $$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

The notion that this had anything to do with money doesn't hold up to the slightest shred of logical scrutiny. You said yourself, he received the money long BEFORE she died. He had nothing to gain by letting her die, as the money had already been awarded. GET IT?

The bill was pushed through congress by Republicans, who framed the argument in such a way that it would have been political suicide for the democrats to come out against it even though I'm sure most of them knew it was an insane abuse of power and EXTREMELY hypocrytical coming from people who call themselves conservatives.

But these conservatives were eager to grab headlines and to appease their evangelical supporters, a fringe group that weilds a frightening amount of power even as they purport to be marginalized. They got the president to fly out from Crawford in the middle of the night to sign a bill to help ONE woman even though most of America did not support him. Scores of children die every day in this country because their parents can't afford adequate health care, and there are no special sessions over that. Plenty of CONSCIOUS people die before their time ALL the time and this bill did NOTHING for ANY of them. The only possible purpose for this bill was to create a wedge issue the Republicans could use to maintain their influence. It's pretty disgusting, and I feel bad for those who really did care about this woman because they were being manipulated by cynical politicians!

Terri was NOT in a coma, so comparing her to a woman who was in a coma is absurd. Comas and vegitative states are totally different, and Terri WAS in a vegitative state. She was not at all aware of what was going on around her, and even the most optimistic prognosis didn't leave much hope that she could ever hope to lead any semblance of a normal life ever again. Ergo, what her parents wanted to do was very much like having a loved one's body stuffed and mounted in your home. Sickening! And yes, in that situation, I'd rather have my sane ex-spouse in charge of me, instead of my insane parents.

Reliapundit said...

hey, yo... ANONYMOUS:

you is WRONG!

you wrote:

"He had nothing to gain by letting her die, as the money had already been awarded. GET IT?"

er um... he argued in court that he needed the $$$$ so he could take care of her for the rest of her life- AS SHE WANTED. then AFTER HE GOT THE MONEY - a fungible thing - he changed hios tune and said she REALLy would've wanted to die rather than live as she was living.

so he got the money. and THEN he THOUGHT he was gouing to be able to KILL HER, and GET RID OF HER, and KEEP THE MONEY!

OKAY.... do you get it!? Is that motive toooooo tough for you!?
The sooner Terri dies the more $$$$ Michael would get to keep for himself and his common-law wife and the mother of his children)!

you wrote:

"The bill was pushed through congress by Republicans..." BLAH BLAH BLAH.

The FACT is that it was passed UNANIMOUSLY in the Senate and by 75% in the House. That is NOT rammed through anything. Your insistence that it was some sort of a right-wing republican fundamentalist religously right-wing anti-privacy move is FALSE. the ENITRE Bush famiuly have LIVING WILLS. Even Pope John Paul CHIOSE to end medical care and die. THERE IS NO ONE, NOBODY IN THE GOP SAYING PEOPLE DOPN'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DIE.

The Schiavo case was about when there is a CONFLICT and a DOUBT as to what type of medical intervention a person who had NO LIVING WILL wants.

All the Bill did was give the Schindler's a chance to go to fedeal court for a de novo review. PERIOD! The GOP wanted it to be a GENERAL law for all cases in which there is NO LIVING WILL and family conflict, but the Senate Dems BLOCKED IT, and forced Congress to pass a law that was specific to Terri.


ALSO: Terri was NOT in a coma, but the reason I brought up that case was to illustrate that doctors and medicine does NOT know everything.
And Terri might have had some awareness.

My father had Alzheimer's, and even at the end he KNEW he was surrounded by love - as an infant does.

Love is not verbal or intellectual.

Terri KNEW her parentys loved her.

And were WILLING to care for her.


That wish - his deathwish for her even, as he was living with another woman who had given him children - - is proof positive that he was a BAD GUARDIAN.

Anonymous said...

You're right, after he got the money (and after several years passed without any sign of recovery, and every competent doctor who examined her informed him that there was no chance for her to ever again live any sort of a normal life, and after Michael studied nursing to help take care of his wife, to no avail) he decided it was best to let her die. If this was all about money, he could have walked away after he received the settlement and let the Schindlers take care of Terri, but he knew that she would not have wanted to be kept alive in such a hopeless situation. And you don't need a living will for that, it's called COMMON SENSE.

The bill was passed unanimously, again, because the republicans framed the situation in such a way that it would not have been politically viable to oppose them. They have a knack for that, and the democrats are pretty spineless, but STILL, the majority of Americans did NOT support this abuse of federal powers. Perhaps it's because the majority of Americans know someone who is dying because they can't afford adequate care and they know congress isn't doing anything to help them. Who knows?

There is a very good reason why the legal system works the way it does in this country, and why congress is not supposed to intervene in these situations. In the courts, expert witnesses testify, both sides of the argument are heard fully and complicated descisions are mulled over for long periods of time and with all the facts presented. This is in stark contrast to BILL FRIST WATCHING A VIDEO FOR LESS THAN AN HOUR AND DECLARING THAT A WOMAN IN A VEGITATIVE STATE COULD BE BROUGHT BACK.

You're right, Terri was not dying. SHE WAS DEAD! Every part of her that made her who she was was gone, and her parents had a hard time dealing with the loss. She could not feel love or any other emotion, her cerebral cortex was GONE. Instead of seeking professional help and dealing with this as any normal person would, the Schindlers dragged the entire nation into a grotesque cherade.

Michael's wish to let her be at peace, and the fact that he went to great lengths and let himself be subjected to the abuses of power-hungry slime when he could have walked away at any time and let the Schindlers handle the problem is proof that he is a HERO.

Reliapundit said...

to the jerko anonymous ablove:

you wrote:


If this is so, then why did Michael have to KILL her!?


Shlall we KILL all below-normal people!? Sounds like nazi eugenics to me.

As the son of an Alzheiner's patient - who was weith him as he took his last breaths in this world - let m,e assure you : LOVE CAN BE FELT BYBNTHOSE WHO ARE NRAIN-IMPAIRED.

And by infants,

And by fetuses.